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Dec. posting meme day 10

For today: from [personal profile] grammarwoman, What book(s) have you re-read the most? & Of the shows you're watching now, list a few OTPs and NOTPs. Or if TPs aren't your thing, plots you're hoping for and against.

That's a tough one! Mostly because I'm not much of a re-reader. Sometimes I'll re-read portions of something, but I rarely will revisit an entire book (or at least, adult novel length pieces, I've been known to re-read comics or children's books many times). I'd say the contemporary novel I've read the most times is Michael Ondaatje's The English Patient. I fucking love that book above all his others, poetry or fiction, just because it's the most amazing blend of the two, and he weaves in World War 2 history (which is catnip to me) and different types of love stories and there's espionage and desert exploration and it just…ugh. It's so beautifully written and there's this thing he does at the end, where in one sentence he writes Kip in the past and in the future and I have never seen anything like that anywhere else.

Of the older novels I've re-read the most, I'd have to say The Three Musketeers & The Count of Monte Cristo, because I was always a big Dumas fan, and Persuasion, which I honestly think is Austen's best work and one of the best books ever written, period. Comics, I think I've re-read the Winter Soldier Captain America series so many times now it's sort of ridiculous, but I loved it before it was a movie, and I loved it more after it was a movie.

As for shows I'm watching…I'm not really into much lately where there's any shipping going on for me. A lot of the things I enjoy watching don't have any pairings I worry about, or the show is doing just fine with the characters as it is so I don't feel any pull toward pairings (like, I'm a bit disappointed that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are apart, but then they gave me Misty Knight, so…). Plus, I'm not watching that much TV, at least not with any interest. Many of the shows I watch are just…there. I'd say the closest I can come to answering that would be Pitch--I get why people ship Ginny and Mike, and I salute them. I wouldn't exactly be disappointed if they did go there. But for me, the joy is in their friendship and mentor relationship, and I'd hate to see Ginny end up throwing her career away because of being involved with him, and you know she would be: she'd be pilloried for sleeping with the team captain, that would be all anyone would believe got her to the top and the first woman pitcher in MLB, and so I don't know that, as long as Mike's on the Padres still, I want to see that happen. Plus I just love their friendship dynamic; my two closest friends are men, and I just never get to see myself reflected in entertainment that way, it ALWAYS devolves into melodramatic romance, always. I mean, they were even going there in Sleepy Hollow before that imploded.

I would have loved to see where they went with Agent Carter, and of course find out who the hell her husband was. I feel like they sent us off believing it was Daniel, though of course he looks nothing like the photo she has on her nightstand in Captain America: the Winter Soldier. But the initial service history didn't match up (though someone said they retconed it?). Honestly, once they brought her in, Ana, and Jarvis were my OTP there. :-D I hated where they took some of that storyline (god, really, infertility once again? ptui!) but that doesn't mean I loved Ana and Jarvis any less.

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Dec. 27th, 2016 09:53 am (UTC)
I'm putting "The English Patient" on my list!
Dec. 30th, 2016 12:44 am (UTC)
A lot of people think that if they didn't like the movie, for whatever reason, the book will not to be to their taste. I always thought they did a really good job adapting the book in most respects, but that's because it's pretty much an impossible story to actually film as is. They pushed the most primary of the main characters a little into the background to focus on the tragic love story/spy story of Almasy and Katherine, because it really is the most cinematic story, and also the one that every other character in the book revolves around when they come together. But the writing is just exquisite, Ondaatje in general is so much my jam.
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