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Pseudo events

I will be the first person to admit that the structure of AO3 baffles me--my brain doesn't really work that way, and a lot of the ins and out mystify me to the point of wanting to tear my hair out, and I feel really stupid when I use it sometimes because I just don't think that way or connect like that, there's some kind of process that makes searching and stuff opaque and confusing for me. And I was an idiot when I first signed up, because I just used the name I use on lots of things, gwyneth, rather than the pseud I'd always used for writing, gwyneth rhys.

It was too late to change it when I realized that I hadn't used my actual full writing name, so I added a pseudonym with the full name. I hate that it's always "gwyneth rhys (gwyneth)" when I share new uploads and stuff, but that's my punishment for being a moron and having a stupid brain. But now I find myself in a really confusing situation and I don't know the answer so I turn to you, oh flist.

I went in to check my Yuletide assignment once we got the notice that the assignments had been restored from the snafu the other day, and I noticed that I still had seven fanworks that were only showing up in my default pseud, gwyneth, and not in my gwyneth rhys list of fanworks--I was probably asleep at the wheel and didn't choose the alternate pseud when I posted them. So I fixed that, and then…realized that under my default gwyneth pseud, I had 0 fanworks listed. The only things showing up on the Dashboard page were my bookmarks.

Yikes, says I, does that mean that if someone searches on my main pseud name, all they'll see is a page listing 0 Works? That if, say, someone read one of the comments I'd left on their fic, and decided to check me out (I know, but I'm being hypothetical here), all they'd see is a listing of my bookmarks and 0 Works? So the 145 Works I have currently up there are not visible unless they actually pulled down the list of pseuds?

I don't actually understand how this works, and that's what I see when I tested it out--that it looks as if I had 0 Works now listed on my default pseud Dashboard, which it goes to if I follow a link from that name. But I don't know if that's because I'm logged in, so I'm seeing all my available information, but a person who's not me would see something different. I fear I've cocked this up by re-pseudifying all my existing works on AO3.

I mean, I'm assuming that if someone just follows a link to a vid or story, they'd be able to get to the main page of my Works by clicking on the "by" link there. But if they were coming in from some different link, does it just end up looking like I have nothing there?

I hate my stupid brain sometimes--I'm driving an old model that you can't get parts for anymore and it doesn't work well in this modern age.

(My subject line refers to a class I took in college, a higher level public relations and advertising course where we were studying propaganda and things like that, and one of the students asked the prof one day, "I wanted to know what a puh-swaydo event was," and the whole class just face-palmed.)


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Dec. 10th, 2016 02:09 am (UTC)
Mine was apartheid. I said a-part-he-id.

No shame in not knowing pronunciation. It means you are reading (potentially beyond friends and family) and reading is always better than not reading.
Dec. 11th, 2016 12:44 am (UTC)
Here's what it looks like when someone not-you does the search...

I just did a "people search" for "gwyneth" and found separate entries for gwyneth rhys (gwyneth) which lists all your works, and then just gwyneth, which lists just your bookmarks. And then a third person as well, unrelated.

I clicked on one of your own works and found the comment section, where you'd replied to someone. When I clicked on the link for your username on one of that kind of comment, it brought up the profile page with just the bookmarks. But then I noticed: On the upper left below "Dashboard" and "Profile" it says "gwyneth" with a down arrow, and if you click on that it expands to a "pseud switcher" which lists both your pseudonyms, so I can toggle which one I'm looking at. This was the first I'd ever seen that sort of thing, though it could easily have been in front of me the whole time.

SO I think you are correct that someone casually clicking on your comments will not *easily* find your works, but if they poke around a little they are find-able.

Hope that helps.
Dec. 16th, 2016 12:13 am (UTC)
Thank you for this. I definitely messed this up. If I didn't have nearly 150 works I'd probably try to fix it, but it just seems like that would end up messing things up further. I'm an idiot!
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