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iPad for sale

I cashed in some credit card points to buy myself a new iPad for my birthday, and am going to sell the old one, but before I put it up on craigslist or whatever, I figured I'd see if anyone would like to buy it here. It's a 3rd generation iPad, I believe, so not the lightweight Air model, and it's up to date on the iOS--I'll DL the most recent one once I reset it for sale. Black face, silver back, Wi-Fi only, 16 GB of storage. I have mostly used it to read books and fic on, use Spotify, etc. and it's in perfect shape, with a purple faux leather case (back has hard shell with connected lined cover) you can take or not, as you wish. They seem to run for quite a large disparity in price but I'm going with the average of around $170. If you're interested, let me know.

I'm liking the slightly lower weight of the new Air I got, but the narrower sides make it annoying to hold when I'm reading in bed. Though that's definitely made up for by the fact that this one allows me to set it to a warm orange screen at night--I know I was seriously affecting my already incredibly terrible sleep issues with that blue screen at night, but that's the one time I had to read fic, so…it's not quite as nice as fLux, which I wish was available for Apple devices, but I do appreciate this feature probably more than almost anything else about it.


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Dec. 8th, 2016 01:33 am (UTC)
I'm interested, what size is it?
Dec. 8th, 2016 07:12 am (UTC)
It's the standard size, not the mini.

Someone on DW may have staked a claim, I'll let you know what they decide as soon as I hear back from them.
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