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Dear Yuletide Author

I'm super happy you are writing for me! Yay, we have fandoms in common and you love the same people I do -- this is wonderful, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you come up with about these characters and fandoms we share a mutual love for. I may be adjusting this until signups are closed, but for now, this will suffice.

I used my Optional Details in the signup to provide more specific info on the individual fandoms or possible prompts, so I haven't added a lot of specifics here in this letter, just general thoughts about the fandoms I requested. I'm not always the best at providing prompts, but if you'd like more ideas than what's in the signup form, you can have the mods ping me and I'll do my best!

General stuff about me: I'm open to angst and romance and humor and slash and het and gen, character studies or long plotty stuff (I love plotty stuff), fluff or drama. I'd generally prefer not to have anything really grimdark, though, but if that's where your story goes, I'm not the kind of person who'd freak out about it. But I've been battling depression for a few years, so stuff that's going to make me more depressed might not be the healthiest thing. I love first times and falling in love, friendships, relationships between people who are equals. Friends to lovers might be my ultimate trope. Banter, sass, and having fun is always catnip to me.

Stuff I don't like includes BDSM/anything particularly kink-oriented (I don't mind mild, characters-flirting-with-some-kinks stuff, but if it's more than lightweight I might not be your best audience), non-con in any way, emotional abuse, any sort of animal harm, or deliberate cruelty. I'm not fond of AUs such as coffeeshops or sports or ABO, any of that sort of thing--what I tend to love about my fandoms is the canon universe they inhabit, that's what made me fall in love with them in the first place. What-if AUs (canon-divergence) can be really cool, though--I love it when someone comes up with a story off of one tiny element being changed! Obviously, I tend to hew pretty closely toward canon, is what I'm saying. :-D

Two of my requests involve twins, and I'm a twin, so I'm kind of sensitive to the way twins are often misrepresented in media--a little homework about twins and what we're really like would go a long way if you end up writing either TJ or Jack with their twins.

In some of my requests, I would love slash if I can get it (and you're comfortable with it), but slash doesn't automatically equal porn. For me it's about the depth of the bond between the characters, the discovery of a new intimacy or a strong connection. With straight relationships, I like seeing behind the expected: not simply love or sex because it's the standard, rather the exploration of what two characters may learn about one another or find in themselves through the relationship. I don't have anything against sex scenes (I love them!), but I prefer if a sex scene has a reason to exist within its story.

Some of the tropes and approaches I enjoy: right now, I really love hopeful endings, words that camouflage deeper/unspoken meanings, protectiveness, worry, extreme competence (with honest weakness), hurt/comfort, found or chosen families, partners against the world, nurturing via food/drink/warmth. Don't be afraid of the classics if you like 'em! Having to Share a Bed, Huddling for Warmth, Pretend Couple, situations where one suffers or sacrifices for the other, rescues, stranded somewhere (idyllic or non-), etc. And if you can write time travel of some sort, I'll probably fall in love with you.

Android Rock, Paper, Scissors Commercial

I don't have much to add to the Details but in general, what I love about this commercial is how charming and goofy it is and I'd love to see that in fic.

Political Animals

I was lucky enough to receive an amazing TJ story in 2014 (you can find it on my AO3 account under the Gifts tab) and I feel greedy asking for more, but there just aren't enough TJ stories in my opinion! I love to see TJ getting his own life in order, on his own or with someone else--being the hero of his own story for a change. I think that his family is kind of bad for him (with the exception of his grandmother), although if they're a part of your story, that's cool.

What's Your Number?

I really want Colin and Ally to be happy--I feel like Ally especially deserves to be happy, to be treated like a queen, and Colin is just the guy to do it. But that said, the road doesn't have to be smooth if you have something you'd like to explore with them, there are so many places you can go with exploring this. (You can kind of see what I like about them in the fic I wrote for this fandom last Yuletide, or in the other stories written last year as well.)

The Good Place
This show is still so new that I'm a little uncertain about requesting it, because between now and Yuletide it could go bad, but right now I just love Chidi Anagonye so much I feel like I have to request it. The show is so weird that you can probably go to town with anything here!

This is another fandom I received an amazing story for in 2014 (which you can find listed under the Gifts tab at my AO3 page), and feel a little greedy asking for more, but it's still such a small fandom that I want more stuff to exist. Nothing much to add here, either, but I'd really prefer not to have too much of either his father or his mother, especially Silas, because what a freaking bastard. What I'd love is to see Jack figuring out who he is, and learning to live with that, either on his own or with help from someone else, and the idea of Jack as David's Warrior Boyfriend or the Soldier Prince is my favorite thing ever. Jack is a character archetype I adore and I don't think the series did right by him in any way, so fanfic is a great place to explore that.

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