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The way we look to a distant constellation

Last fall I wrote a fic where tiny Steve goes to war through magical realism mumbo-jumbo, and [personal profile] sineala was kind enough to read it, and she got the song "Boy in the Bubble" that I'd used for chapter headings stuck in her head. We kept talking about how it was stuck in our heads far longer than it should be, and that it really, really had to be a Marvel vid. A comics vid, an MCU vid, something, it just really required vidding, and now [personal profile] sholio has made it a Marvel vid--Agent Carter, to be exact! Yay! And what I love about it is that that aspect, the days of miracle and wonder aspect, the weird science and shenanigans and humans are crazy creatures aspect, are at the heart of the vid, which is what's so great about that song, and I'm sure why it popped into my head when I was writing.

And now I'm going to have it stuck in my head for months again, aren't I? [personal profile] sineala, I apologize in advance.

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