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Since everyone has asked

Okay, I'm super behind on my Snowflake Challenge, but since people keep asking me--

I don't want to harsh anyone's squee but that was one steaming pile of crap TV. I don't even feel enough to review it the way I used to review things. It was just so awful in every possible way. And I wish I could squee with people about Scully returning to my TV, but I found Gillian's performance to be utterly drained of life, like she had flat affect or something, and it hurt my heart to watch. Duchovny was painful, especially in the scene with Skinner, because while Mitch was definitely trying to bring it home, Duchovny was making me cringe, especially when he said Skinner's name. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at his attempt at a sneer, and it seemed like he was fighting not to laugh.

The whole thing was just painful for me. Yes, it was a huge fandom for me from the beginning, and I will watch this whole miniseries (though next time, I'm fucking drinking), just like I stuck with the show till the bitter, terrible end. I'm glad some fans enjoyed having them back, but I'm not one of them.

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