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Anyone recognize this fic?

I am going crazy trying to find this fic I remember reading last year after CA:TWS when I was hoovering up fanfic like mad. So it's entirely possible I'm conflating the few details I remember from multiple fics, but when I've gone to the ones I might be conflating, they are not it.

It was from Bucky's POV (this is the one absolute detail I do remember), and the one thing that stuck in my mind was them having sex, or at least starting to have sex, in front of a window, because I'm pretty sure they were living in the Tower (though who knows). It was a little angsty I think, and no, there was no real kink involved. Bucky was frustrated or feeling angry or bleak, something like that, and I think he'd had some trouble sexually because of how messed up his mind was.

I cannot seem to find it in my AO3 history, and I went through some of the recs I was using from musesfool at the time, but I can't seem to find it. It was definitely on AO3, though. At the time I wasn't bookmarking things, and now I'm kicking myself. If push comes to shove I'll try the stucky library on tumblr, but I was hoping to avoid that just because I remember so little in the way of details.

It's definitely not Good Boy, because I don't read kink stuff, and it wasn't the one where Steve leaves Bucky post-its, though in some ways it reminded me of that one. It's also not the one where Bucky wants to have sex with Steve again, but he has trouble articulating that, or the really hot one where Steve and Bucky reignite their sexual relationship--though in some ways, those last couple ones remind me of the one I'm searching for (probably because they were from Bucky's POV).

Ugh, I can't figure out why I can't find this thing.


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Dec. 8th, 2015 02:25 am (UTC)
The widow bit sounds familiar, but I can't place it either--sorry! :(
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