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So AO3 has been utterly fucked all week, and it made posting a 35,000-word fic hair-tearingly difficult. But one of the side-effects was that the RSS feeds (to Tumblr and I suppose other places) for my characters and pairings weren't updating much at all, just a few posts trickling through, and then they shut off the feeds altogether for a while. Since I don't have many followers/subscribers and rarely get reblogs/recs, what little way I've found for new fics to get out to a slightly wider audience have come through those Tumblr RSS feeds. And I can't imagine they scrape and post the backlog of things that didn't get posted that far back. It's like "ha ha, no soup for you!"

Ever since Vividcon I've kind of felt like Nelson from the Simpsons is standing behind me pointing and going HA ha! every time I've made something. I went to bed with such a frustration headache last night.

And I didn't get signed up for Festivids. I can't seem to get to the sign-up form no matter what I do. I keep signing in and I can see my dash, but I can't get a form. I find the site really hard to parse, so I thought it was just that I can't see an important hidden button or link, but I missed the deadline for signing up anyway, so. No challenges this year after all. I'll see if I can squeeze in a treat for someone. It feels strange not to have something to look forward to, once I'm finished with the book I'm working on--no Yuletide, no Festivids.

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