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Fucking YouTube

I'm trying to set my vids up so I can post them after they premiere at VVC, and I just had my Premieres vid, to Titanium for Peggy Carter, "blocked in all countries" and I can't test it out in public spaces to see if it's really completely blocked because I have to keep it private. I spent hours working on credits and a custom thumbnail for it and this vid was a major, major hassle to make what with my computer dying and getting the files, and now I can't even use it. I have been meaning to try to get a Critical Commons vids site, but there's no real control over the thumbnails and that's a hell of a lot of time wasted. And people really aren't going to even see it there, because all the traffic for fanvids is on YT these days. I hate them, but I feel like I'm just stuck there if I want anything to be seen.

The thing is, there are other vids to that song on YouTube, so this is just…arg. I learned a long time ago that filing a dispute does nothing, because whatever box you check, they say "that doesn't give you the right to use copyrighted work." Usually when I get a warning, I just do the "acknowledge third party content," but there's no option to do that here, it's just totally blocked.

I'm not actually sure what to even do here. This is so discouraging and frustrating. I don't have the spoons to deal with this, I really don't. (Add to this the fact that some people have been kind of snotty about Wasp Nest, and I just…why do I do this?)

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Aug. 3rd, 2015 02:18 am (UTC)
Maybe just use Tumblr streaming for now and get in touch with AO3 people for help filing a dispute? I just tried doing a dispute and it looks like there is an option for "My use of the content meets the legal requirements for fair use or fair dealing under applicable copyright laws." which goes through fine so it'd be worth trying at least as things change a lot on Youtube.

Looking forward to seeing your vid! And I enjoyed seeing your Natasha vid, I always wish there was more stuff about her <3
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