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DVD Commentary track meme 1

[personal profile] kore asked for Man With a Plan, beginning and ending, for a commentary.

I have commiserated with people (especially [personal profile] musesfool) a lot about how there isn't any substantial amount of porn based off the scene in the first Captain America movie where Bucky says, "But you're keeping the outfit, right?" And I hate having to write the kinds of things I want to read, because there's no fun in it for me, it's just work. But I had to write it because it wouldn't leave me alone, only there were two problems: 1) I have never written a story that's solely porn before and 2) I seem to be constitutionally incapable of writing just porn. And also, for the beginning, if I wanted to set it in the London pub where Bucky says that, I had to deal with the fact that Peggy comes in right after that. I just didn't think it would work to start the fic with Bucky's line, and then skip past Peggy's presence and importance to Steve and they go back to their quarters and fuck like bunnies.

I'm also kind of weirdly not particularly threesome oriented--I enjoy read threesomes sometimes, especially with the Cap characters in various trios, but it's not something I'm super attracted to in general and not something I feel compelled to write (not that I couldn't, it's just…not something I think is on my horizons). So the beginning had to be about Bucky and Steve dealing with the fact that their relationship has changed for all the obvious reasons, and Steve reassuring Bucky that it hasn't changed that much yet, because he does have a plan for when they get back to their quarters. I really liked being able to play with that--how they've changed, how they are going to have to renegotiate their boundaries and abilities and the complications of their feelings, but they're still really into each other as friends and as lovers. And Steve knows that some of this is Bucky teasing the crap out of him and trying to embarrass him, but he's perfectly capable of giving it all right back to Bucky and calling him on his bluff.

So yeah, oops, I couldn't just go straight into the porn and got some plot on my PWP, and then there's the buildup of Bucky kind of inserting himself into Steve's story as the Star-Spangled Man, since he wasn't there, and hearing about it/visualizing Steve (and himself) in it while getting Steve worked into a lather.

Which ties into the ending. I wanted to do a modern-day post-Winter Soldier tag from the start, I wanted to show Steve trying to get Bucky back to that teasing, wise-ass kind of guy, to remind him of what they used to be like with each other. That Bucky could be playful and it would be okay, and Steve would remember how much fun sex with the outfit was and want to re-create that. Who better, then, than Natasha to go to for your kink advice needs? Of course she would know where to get the period-authentic costume made, Steve would be certain of it, and of course she would be helpful rather than snickery about your relationship kinks. And Steve would be very happy because he has his Bucky back, and he'll get his costume back, and he still has a plan.

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