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December meme #10

Yuletide story posted! And now I really need to focus on the Festivid I have been haphazardly unfocused on.

Today is the two-year anniversary of my dad's death. It was weird, because I ran into my former neighbor today, and she worked at the retirement center my dad lived in until his death, so she asked after him. I might not have felt as down about it if that hadn't happened, it had a strange effect on me. I'm going to spend Christmas with my cousins I haven't seen in nearly two years, as well, and I'm trying not to be weirded out by that.

Memage today: [personal profile] dine asked: I'd love to hear about a vid idea you have, but will probably never actually make (and why not)

Well, I mentioned the Lord King Bad Vid I wanted to make for Veronica Mars and Weevil earlier this month, so there's that one. But for different reasons, I'll probably never make a constructed reality vid I always wanted to do for Stacker Pentecost, Herc Hansen, and Chuck Hansen in Pacific Rim. I gathered all kinds of other work done by Idris Elba, Max Martini, and Rob Kazinsky, and all this footage such as planes from the RAAF (because Herc was an RAAF pilot), landscapes of Australia, and so on, and every time I listen to the song I think of this vid. I wanted it to be a mood piece that sort of showed them outside the film, existing, in a way, beyond the universe of the Kaiju War. But also kind of melancholy, in that Chuck and Stacker are gone, and Herc would be remembering those good times afterward.

But for various reasons, largely because I don't know how to make what I see in my mind because I'm not a very good technical vidder, I may never make it. I don't know. Maybe if at some point, my pain is lessened and I can sit in front of the computer and try to figure out what I want to do, I will still make this, but I don't think there's even an audience for it at this point, so it seems foolish when I have so many other vids on my plate. I saw a fantastic constructed reality vid for the Kaidonovskys someone did right after Pacific Rim came out, and they were only in the movie for like 90 seconds, but weirdly that vid kind of gave me such a happy that I almost feel like I don't need to do mine. On the other hand, if I do the VVC auction next year and someone buys me and wants me to make it, then I will. ;-D

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Dec. 19th, 2014 03:24 pm (UTC)
Yuletide \o/!

Also thanks for letting me know I need to start saving money for the VVC auction. *g*
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