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December meme #7 & #8

I got behind in my meming. Yuletide, don't ya know--my story's out at beta, and my beta has assured me it doesn't suck, or at least the first part doesn't, so I'm counting that as a win.

The day before yesterday's question came from [personal profile] umadoshi--Where would you like to go that you've never been, and/or what place that you've traveled to would you most like to revisit?

I'm not as widely traveled as I wish I was, so there are tons of places I really want to go. Tops on my list are two places, and I can't decide, because one is very emotional and the other is a dream I've had since I was little. The first place is Australia/New Zealand. It's very emotional for me because I became something of a Down Under-o-phile when I was a teenager, and my enthusiasm sort of filtered over to my twin sister, and it was something she dreamed of doing, too. When we first found out her cancer was back, she and I talked about just not doing treatment and going to Oz and NZ. She'd been kind of halfway planning a trip there anyway when she first found out she was sick. She died so quickly that it could never have happened, but it's always been there, in the back of my head. I'm thinking more and more of going. I'd love to take the train across the country, from Melbourne to Perth. It just seems like something I should do for her, more than myself. And I edited a book about moving to New Zealand, and realized that while I probably wouldn't emigrate like I'd often thought about, I still wanted to go there more than anything.

The other place I've always dreamed of going is Fiji. (Or Tahiti, but Fiji is tops). Someday. Really, since I was little, I've fantasized about staying in some luxury resort with a hut over the water and snorkeling the day away. Who knows. Maybe I still will.

The place I'd most like to revisit is the Bahamas. Our trip there wasn't the best, but I fell in love with the island we were on and I'd love to see more of the islands.


[personal profile] ranalore asked: What makes a good vidding song?

Ha ha ha ha ha. Oh man, I could write a book about this. Many people have practically written books. So I'll just talk about my perspective and not vidding as a whole, about what works for me personally. I'm really, really motivated by music. The song isn't just a backdrop for my feels or whatever, it has to hit me in the gut and give me the feeling it might hit others in the gut, too.

It has to be something I can live with for a long time, of course, because you spend a lot of time with it. I'm a person who really likes at least some kind of narrative--even if the narrative is just OMG LOOK AT MY FEELS. I'm not really drawn to vids that feel like the song's just there to give the vidder an excuse to use cool effects or whatever, and I can't say I've ever chosen a song that didn't mean something to me in terms of what story I could tell with it. I mean, I adore finding a song that I can hook a really cool story on to, like Orange Crush, but even if all the story is is evoking an emotion, that's good.

One thing I found out back in the early days when I was vidding with the Media Cannibals as a group is how songs that don't have much variation in tempo or form can produce underwhelming results. It was an interesting lesson, because you'd get these songs that were so emotional, yet the structure, which never really varied much, kind of undercut the ability to produce strong emotions. So I always look for something that has a build, or a shift in tempo or volume or sound, something like that. Variation keeps the viewer interested. It's kind of like that whole thing with the scripts nowadays in movies, that all follow this formula that's taught in books and scriptwriting classes--you know exactly where the beats will be, you know exactly how the story will play out, and I hate that. I like a song that can keep me as the vidder on my toes, and the viewer hooked.

And tone plays a big part in it, too. I have a tough time warming to songs for, say, historical fandoms or epic fantasy that don't feel right for the era/tone of the media. Or something sweet and schwoozy when it should be harder edged, and vice versa. Of course, a good vidder can do wonders with that kind of thing. I also tend to love to pick things that no one might think of for something, just to figure out the puzzle of how to make the vid--that was a huge part of what worked for me with Orange Crush.

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