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December meme #6

I told [personal profile] musesfool, when she gave me today's talking meme topic, that this was gonna be hard, being facetious and all. But now that I'm trying to put this topic--tell me about Steve and Bucky and all their feelings for each other--down in print, OMG it is hard. Because I just want to sigh and flail and weep copious tears and fall back on my fainting couch with my hand over my eyes and just say FEEEEELS.

I came late to the Steve Rogers/Captain America party. I loved what they did to Bucky in the first movie, because one of my biggest obstacles to the comics was the idea of a teen sidekick running around the battlefields of Europe with Cap just…it was one big nope to me. I was familiar with the Winter Soldier by osmosis, but I remember that as much as I'd loved what they did with Bucky in the movie (and of course, I was already pretty madly in love with Sebastian Stan, so that wasn't, like, hard), once he was dead, I was not that interested. Partly it was also that I just hated the Red Skull, as a villain he's ridiculous and the whole storyline just…bleh. But then I saw the deleted scenes in Avengers, and long about the third or fourth time I watched Avengers, despite how terribly I think Joss writes Steve, I fell head over heels in love with him. I was also reading the first part of the Winter Soldier comics at that time, and it all came together for me.

The changes that Brubaker had made to Bucky's story, as well, really worked for me, and I adore all the tropes that the Winter Soldier storyline takes on. I can't get enough of that shit, and then you have this outright desperation on Steve's part to save his friend, well. I'm a goner. But the comics had Bucky healing away from Steve, and then they keep them apart a lot in the modern era once Steve's reborn, so as much as I've loved the two of them in the comics (or even just one of them, like in Man Out of Time, which I just finished re-reading and it still affects me every bit as strongly, because Steve is totally willing to unravel the fabric of time just to save Bucky and go off and live together as hobos off the grid, as long as they're together), I didn't get the same jolt that I did from the first movie and then Cap2.

Because even though Bucky's part is actually quite small in the first movie, their chemistry is off the charts, and whether you interpret their relationship as romantic or just BFFs, they so clearly love each other so much that the entire universe is basically changed because of that. Steve finally becomes Captain America the super soldier by rescuing Bucky, even when everyone told him Bucky was dead, and when Bucky really does die, he's all "I'm gonna kill everyone and make them pay." They might never have stopped the Skull's plane if Steve hadn't been so consumed by his grief and rage--and that's really truly one of my favorite things in the world. I love reVENge for my loved one stories so much.

But even better than that are saved by the power of love stories. And that's what Cap2 did. It gave me my fucking saved by the power of love moment, when Steve says "I'm with you to the end of the line" and Bucky stops trying to kill him and remembers something. He doesn't know what yet, but he knows it means something, and he knows seeing Steve, "the man on the bridge," means something as well. He remembers Steve before he remembers himself. I just get so fucking flaily over that. And comics Bucky gets his mind back from the cosmic cube, but movie Bucky gets his mind back through the power of Steve's love, by Steve reminding him of a sentiment and something he said 70 freaking years ago. And then Bucky changes the world by diving in after Steve and saving him. Because somehow he knows, because this thing between them is calling back to him through time and torture and memory eradication. It is the stuff of my id-y little heart. Sam's absolutely right when he tells Steve that Bucky's the kind you stop, that he might not know Steve, but Steve's just so firm--I can't hurt him, he will know me. ::weeps crystalline tears for Bucky::

Steve's got to be a tough person to love, especially little Steve with the chip on his shoulder and something to prove, and all his ideals and beliefs. But Bucky never wavers in his belief in him, in his desire to protect him and be his friend. And that's why the flashback scene in Cap2 almost made me explode out of my seat when I first saw it: Bucky knows Steve so well, he's gearing up for Steve to reject his help before he even offers to put the couch cushions on the floor (and he's saying all that while he's digging out Steve's key from under the brick because he knows Steve has lost his key before Steve even does!), and he cuts through all Steve's bravado with the simplest words of friendship and devotion and I just melt every freaking time. That scene is EVERYTHING to me, everything.

We know that Steve will basically move heaven and earth for Bucky, and I think that's one reason why I'm so scared about all the things I keep hearing about Cap3, because I just want a movie that's about Steve doing that for him. That's the one thing about fanfic I can't get enough of, really--there is no limit, I've come to understand, to how much I will read of Steve loving Bucky back to health. Or apparently how much I am willing to write about it. ;-)

They know each other's faults and strengths, highs and lows, and we've seen that there's really not much they won't do for each other (well, anything at all). If they'd been in the Pacific Rim-verse, they would have been the gold standard that Drift Compatibility was defined by. I am happy to read Steve in multiple types of pairings, especially canonical ones like with Peggy, but nothing gives me as much happiness as Steve and Bucky together. (I'm sure some of that has to do with the remarkable chemistry between Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan, but the way the characters were drawn even before that has a huge impact on it. You can't read the old comics, even when Bucky's a little kid, basically, and not see that it was there from the start.)

They love each through hard times, through growing up and changing as people, through a freaking world war and the aftermath of torture, and then through time. Nothing ever diminishes their love for each other, no matter how you might define that love. Even when Steve had nothing, he had Bucky, and is there anything better than that?


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Dec. 11th, 2014 04:11 am (UTC)
I love your Steve/Bucky thoughts so much <3
Dec. 11th, 2014 05:04 am (UTC)
This post is so happymaking. I wish I had enough brain to flail with you, because I love it so.
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