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It's almost December!

And I still have a ton of days left blank for the December talking meme here and here if there's anything you want to prompt me to talk about. Also, I 'd had this idea that I would spend my birthday doing ficlet prompts at my Tumblr, but that never happened, so if you had a ficlet prompt or a five things idea, pick a day in the meme and I will do my best!

I was re-reading Captain America: Man Out of Time, like ya do, and in the collections they include old issues of the comics that inspired the new ones. And this silver age edition where Cap joins the Avengers after being found in the ocean cracks me the fuck up. There's this panel where he's gone to a hotel and is lying on the bed, dropping off into a fitful sleep, and he's thinking, "What happens next?? Can't return to my career as Captain America--it would be meaningless without Bucky! I don't belong in this age--in this year--no place for me--if only Bucky were here--if only--" and then he hears someone in the room and the "startled blue eyes open wide" and he shouts IN A RED SPEECH BUBBLE "BUCKY!! IT'S YOU!!" and then "You've come BACK!! Bucky, you've COME BACK!!!"

Seriously, I just laughed and laughed and laughed. Every time I forget how incredibly homoerotic their relationship is even in the comics where he's a teen sidekick, I re-read these things and I just fall all over myself laughing. They spend so much time telling us Steve is a straight dude, but then there's this delightful evidence that flies in the face of their efforts. And I mean, Man Out of Time makes me laugh when Steve's completely ready to destroy the timeline of the world just to get Bucky back and go live like hobos off the grid, but the ending makes me bawl like a baby every fucking time, where he draws Bucky's portrait and "shows" him the Grand Canyon. So yeah. I wish to hell we lived in a world where they could just come out and give us the bisexual Cap we deserve, but in the meantime, we have as close to canonical proof of their undying devotion to one another as we'll get, and it's pretty hysterical.

(I wish I had a working scanner to scan these in, but if anyone knows where I can get scans of that panel from Avengers #4, let me know.)

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Dec. 5th, 2014 05:30 am (UTC)
They are MEANT TO BE TOGETHER. I came across time for you, Bucky!
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