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Back in the land of mold, moss, and algae

When I arrived in Washington DC, it was torrentially raining, and when I arrived home in Seattle, it was torrentially raining. We hates it. Yesterday it rained here so hard I actually couldn't hear the TV at one point.

The rest of my trip was fun, if tiring. On Sunday, we took the train back to DC and then wandered over to Georgetown to get some dinner before calling it an earlier night than normal. Monday morning, [personal profile] kerithwyn drove over from Baltimore to spend the day with me, and we walked all the way down to the Spy Museum, past the White House and the lunatics in front. the Spy Museum was fun, and I wished I hadn't been quite as tired as I was by then, because I probably could have spent at least another hour there if I'd been feeling a bit stronger. On the way we stumbled on a grilled cheese bar, which was rather spectacular, and then afterward we went back to my hotel, which had a tea cellar -- yes, curated teas much like a good wine cellar. That was fun.

Then we met up with [personal profile] dorinda and my friend for dinner at Founding Farmers, which was good but I confess I liked the other places I ate at in DC more. But we had a lot of fun, good conversation and drinks and just very pleasant all the way around, and after 'rith took off for home, dorinda hung around and we talked for a couple hours, which made a super pleasant end to my trip. I met up Tuesday with Keith for a quick tea break before walking back to my hotel, where I waited a few hours to go to the airport. It was a gorgeous day out despite them saying it was going to be rainy, but by the time I was almost at the airport, I saw the rain coming in. Looking at the Washington Monument out the window made me sad, because I have this feeling I might never get back there again. I mean, I don't know that for sure, but if Keith moves back here, it's probably more likely that I wouldn't. Although I know the city pretty well, so I suppose there's nothing to stop me, especially if I get obsessed with another movie fandom where they film something in the city. ;-)

I now have too much work to do and I want to write, too, because all the ideas I had rattling around in my head for Winter Soldier stories got even more compelling by rattling around in both the cities Steve is attached to. I don't know how I'm going to carve out this time, but I feel like I have to -- and then there's also Festivids and Yuletide coming up, so I'm stressing, that's for sure.

Speaking of Yuletide, I have a question I can't seem to find an answer to. Last year, I noticed quite a few stories where the YT-eligible fandom was crossed over with a huge fandom that wasn't eligible. I remember being surprised, but I wonder if that's actually legal or not. It may be for all I know. I can't seem to find it being addressed, but I'd love to know -- can you in fact cross over characters in an eligible fandom with characters from an ineligible one?


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Oct. 25th, 2014 01:55 am (UTC)
I'm sorry--I got stuck on "grilled cheese bar." Is that place that only has grilled cheese? (Although I hope there would also be tomato soup. On the other hand, if there was, then I would have to move there and live in the restaurant...)

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