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Up from the ground

I didn't think I could make it to the end of this meme, with depression eating away at me. But yay, here I am.

1. There's a super sweet guy in my writer's group who's getting ready to self-publish a fantasy novel. He's been running cover ideas past the group and just showed us some new cover art, basically variations on the same concept. His protagonist on one cover has short dark hair, and on another long scraggly dark hair that makes it impossible to see his face. I commented that if they make his face more visible, I liked the long-hair version best because he has a Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier thing going on and that's never bad. He wrote back, "Bucky Barnes was really hot. Even I could see that." So he's now very happy about keeping long-hair version.

2. The blue I put in my hair has been hanging on for months and wasn't going away, and I kind of wanted to give my hair a little rest for a bit before I go back to the bold colors. I saw a new guy the other day and I really thought there was no way they could give me an all-over color with these patches hanging around, but hours later and a hell of a lot of money, the blue was gone and I had a really lovely coppery color that's not unlike my old real red before my hair started turning brown. Not something I want to do again (my back and my pocketbook are both saying OW a lot this week), but I'm glad it worked in time for my trip to the east coast next week.

3. I found a little portable foldable keyboard to use with my iPad so I don't have to bring my laptop on the trip in order to write. I don't know what app to get to write with, though. The keyboard is okay, it's not perfect but it'll do better than trying to type in-screen, plus it's purple, so.

3.1 The horrible book is off to the publisher, so I feel like I can breathe. Now I'm copyediting a fantasy romance from a writer who's really fantastic with the mechanics and loves suggestions, so there's not nearly as much work involved. I keep proofreading behind these incompetent copyeditors and it's so dismaying. This recent awful book, the CE didn't know the difference between pored/poured, and didn't know the phrase is en route. I despair.

3.2 I finished a second draft of a kind of (sequel? continuation? series? inspired by/remix? I have absolutely no idea how to post this thing) 2014 update to Every Picture Tells a Story. It's awful, and nearly twice as long, and did I mention awful (none of what I think some folks found sweet or charming about the original is in this), but I hope it will be finished soon. I have so many ideas and no clue what to tackle next, though.

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Oct. 10th, 2014 02:57 am (UTC)
Item 3.1--were you at lease able to avoid the whole per se/per say debacle with the CE?
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