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Skated right past me

Last night as I was going to bed, I discovered that I'd missed most of the free skate for women, as well as the short program skating, and who knows if there's been any men's skating I missed. I was able to catch the Canadian skater last night, but not the rest of it. For some reason I guess I thought skating would be more toward the middle of the Olympics, and now I can't figure out how to find what I missed. Is there anywhere a skate-loving girl can go to watch just the skating programs she missed? I pay zero attention to scheduling and sportsing stuff, so I don't know what TV is doing these days, and if they're streaming things that will allow you to watch as you please, or what. I remember the insane difficulty I had trying to get hold of the opening ceremonies two years ago for the London Olympics, and I don't know if anything's improved or not.

I have Hulu Plus, but I don't have on-demand for sattelite. Does Hulu even carry sportsing? I have a torrent client so if necessary I could ahem, if anyone knows of a link. YouTube seems to take down everything the minute it's put up.

In other news and tangentially related to sportsing things, I went to the rehabilitative medicine place at the clinic I go to, and saw the spine doctor there. I still would much rather have gone to the place killabeez went to, but at least it's a start. I don't know what I think of the doctor. She's very...speedy. She talks fast, and has enough of an accent that I can't folllow what she's saying because of that. She gave me a presecription for something that she said would help the restless leg syndrome that plagues me, and the bladder issues that have made my life miserable since menopause started (both the RLS and the hot flashes are related to needing to pee, which I need to do pretty much every five minutes).

I didn't realize they were an antidepressant until I got them. I'm not so keen on that. I gained so much weight that I cannot get off after two years of hardcore workouts and eating better than I've ever eaten from the last antidepressants, and they give me dry mouth like whoa, not to mention a bunch of other issues. For the first week they did make me sleepy, but not much else, and last night I couldn't sleep till after five a.m., so I'm not sure this is helping. But here's the weird thing -- how do you taper off of capsules? With tablets you can cut them in halves and quarters, but capsules you can't. Anyone have experience with nortriptyline?

She also gave me a prescription for the high-strength Aleve, but while that's nice and everything, I didn't want to throw pills at this. I want to fix it, not mask the pain. So I had an MRI on Wednesday. The fucking Seahawks had a parade in downtown and then some rally at the sportsing field, which turned traffic into a mid-day nightmare, and my appointment was of course downtown, a few blocks from the parade route. Really, this idea that everyone is supposed to give a shit about a bunch of spoiled, overpaid assholes and shut down the entire city so we can celebrate them enrages me. People were pissed because many schools wouldn't shut down for the day. Where the hell are their priorities? I just don't get it. So that cost me a fair amount of money, just because I had the misfortune to have my appointment scheduled before they sprang a surprise parade on us.

Since I'm paying for all this out of pocket (with the ACA, my insurance had to change and my deductible is even higher), it's hard to swallow paying more just because people want to stand in sub-freezing weather and cheer a bunch of spoiled athletes. And I will have to pay for the physical therapy, as well. That's been OK, there's a place near me and they seem genuinely interested if figuring out things I can do that will help but not necessitate a lot of appointments. On Friday we did the recumbent bike, some back exercises, and then they gave me electrical stimulation, which was kind of fun! They put an ice pack down, and these electrodes on your back, and you get these tingly little currents sent through the area around the spine. I kind of enjoyed it, and I felt great for about ten minutes until I had to get in the car again.

There isn't anything major on the MRI, they said, but I'll know more tomorrow. I'm relieved that there's no rupture of the disk, but that also means this is probably never going to go away, just be managed, which is depressing. I'm trying to remember that I know a lot of fans who've been through similar things and they're doing OK, and not focus on how I saw my dad's back issues turn him into an invalid who could hardly even stand up.

We had a lovely snowfall here on Saturday night, and it was fun to walk around the block (I never get to trot out my snow boots!) in the late-night dark with the flakes falling on me, utterly silent and beautiful except for the crunch crunch of my feet in the powder. Snow here is usually on top of a layer of ice from rain, and having fresh, soft powder on bare ground was a real treat. Even the slush on Sunday wasn't too slippery, and I walked up to Starbucks on mostly still snowy paths. We just don't get it here that often. The kitties of course were annoyed. Blues used to love playing in it as a kitten, but not as much anymore. Olive does this sort of kitty version of a sigh: she takes a deep breath, flattens her ears, rolls her shoulders, and steps out into it to find a place she can go potty, like the brave little toaster she is.

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Feb. 11th, 2014 01:41 am (UTC)
I hope you find a solution to making your pain more manageable. Being in constant pain is a really shitty way to live your life.

About the skating, if you can download torrents Fenopy has the missing programs. I intend to catch up over the next two days. I've missed them too since I work evenings and nights now.
Feb. 11th, 2014 07:55 am (UTC)
Oh, I'll try that then. I also kind of hate the way they break up the programs, and then they only show you the top level skaters or the US/Canada ones...I want to see them all.
Feb. 11th, 2014 03:35 am (UTC)
Have you tried Acupuncture? It's worked for me with by back & knee pain and there's no pills.
Feb. 11th, 2014 07:59 am (UTC)
Yeah, I've tried pretty much everything -- acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, working out to strengthen my core, blah blah. Acupuncture didn't do anything for me at any time that I tried it. I don't know if it was just the person I went to or that it doesn't work on me. Well, actually, it did do something once -- she was going to treat my restless leg syndrome, and it made it considerably worse. I'm not sure if it would have been a situation like "It'll get worse before it gets better" but I couldn't stick with it to find out, it was so so awful.
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