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31 Flavors: Strange Days vid

I think I might actually be able to get a whole 31 different fandoms now that Festivids is up! Yay! And of course, if I got back to all the Yuletide fic I haven't read yet, that would help...

Title of vid: Sleep No More
Fandom: Strange Days
Music: Sincerely, Jane by Janelle Monáe
Summary: Day dreamers, please wake up.

I never expected to see vids for Strange Days, but there are three vids for the movie in Festivids this year. Three! They're all good, but this one was probably my favorite for a number of reasons, not least of which is that Janelle Monae is the musical artist. It has everything: the chaotic, menacing violence and upheaval, the relationship between Mace and Lenny, the murder mystery subplot, and the damage that Lenny's reliance on his memory recordings has done to him. But yeah, especially MACE. She is my absolute ultimate dreamgirl. I love her with the white hot fury of a thousand burning suns. And I love that Lenny finally figures out that he loves her too.

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Jan. 28th, 2014 08:53 am (UTC)
Totally unrelated but can you explain Stacker/Herc to me? I knew you liked it and looked for it but couldn't find much in the movie. God knows I'll ship Idris with anyone so I'd love to hear why it works for you :)
Jan. 28th, 2014 11:34 pm (UTC)
I had half a reply and LJ fucking ate it. Grrr. So I'm not sure I've ever had to play Defending Your Pairing before, but I'll try. ;-) I generally feel like, if someone doesn't see a ship, nothing much will convince them of that ship's great beauty.

A lot of it is personal. I adore Idris, but I also adore Max Martini like a lot lot lot. When I found out he was going to be in the movie I about peed my pants, because he'd mostly been doing crappy tv movies and tv guest shots for years and hadn't been in a big screen picture for a while (he's been in some big ones, but never as a major character). Last year was a good year for him, because he had the Herc role and also the SEAL commander in Captain Phillips. I figured that he was going to be pretty minor as a character, and would sure die at before the end, because he always dies (and is almost always a villain). So the fact that he has a major role, and that he doesn't die, but gets to be a badass was a major bonus for me.

And then seeing the movie, it's like, he's in practically every scene with Stacker. They are at each other's sides throughout the whole movie -- and they clearly have no personal space issues. Max has this weird hoyay chemistry thing with other actors that is kind of a quantum singularity -- I've written about this before if you look at my tags. It's just kind of funny and also really wonderful -- and right away you could tell there was this long history and chemistry thing they had going on. He's there with Stacker when they get the cancellation orders, he's with Stacker when they start working on the plan, he's with Stacker when they're behind closed doors when Raleigh and Chuck fight, he's with Stacker when Stacker comes out fully kitted up in the drivesuit like it's perfectly natural. If you watch the scene where he's saying goodbye to Chuck, watch the look he's giving Stacker as Chuck is bending down to kiss Max.

Jan. 28th, 2014 11:35 pm (UTC)
There's a lot of stuff that isn't in the movies that's talked about in the novelization. One is that Herc's wife died in the 2014 attack on Sydney, and it was Stacker who broke the news to him. Herc was an RAAF pilot and had to make a choice to save either his son or his wife, so there's also this tragedy aspect -- his son has never forgiven him for the choice, and then he loses his son and his BFFlover in the movie...he's the most epically, operatically tragic bastard ever and I LOVE THAT OMG. Anyways, Herc immediately signs up with the PPDC and there's a lot of discussion about the fact that he's piloted every generation of Jaeger made, and that he's like universally drift compatible, and it's HEAVILY implied that he and Stacker have piloted together, at least as test pilots. In fact, in the movie, Stacker says to Chuck that "you are your father's son -- we'll drift just fine." My panties practically exploded at that in the theatre. Drift compatibility is this huge thing in the fandom (and of course, why it's been co-opted by every single fucking fandom out there), and the fact that they are known to be drift compatible and have been super close for 11 fucking years... yeah. That.

Also, they were both raising children alone during wartime once Stacker adopted Mako, so you can imagine how much that would have meant to the other one, to have a friend you could share those travails with. In the novel, there is discussion between the two of them about Chuck's crappy attitude, and it's implied that Stacker's the only one who can make critical comments without getting an ass-whupping from Herc. And you can see the way they admire each other -- when Raliegh first shows up at the shatterdome, Stacker introduces Herc by calling him the best pilot ever, and Herc is always looking at him with this kind of loving, admiring stare. And they seem to have that kind of broccoli test thing going on throughout, where Stacker will just glance at him and Herc'll look back and then one of them says something, like they're mentally conversing about "do you wanna say it?" "no, you can." I love that shit.

And they're both just hot, hot guys. I love that the fandom has embraced the term Team Hot Dads. I think it's hilarious. Herc's like this flawed prickly pear cactus guy who doesn't know how to express emotions and Stacker's this repressed charismatic leader who always feels the burden of his job. Who could they confide in but each other? Who else would understand how difficult it is to put your kid in a war machine and have them go out and probably get killed? They both lost someone they loved dearly in the first kaiju attacks, so they would have leaned on each other a lot as the program got off the ground. Herc's Stacker's second in command for a reason. They're both brave, stalwart badass motherfuckers.

Also they're mature men, which goes a long way with me. I tended to gravitate toward men, rather than boys or guys, since I was young, and that doesn't seem to be the way a lot of fandom rolls. But it's my thing -- I like men who sacrifice themselves, or take charge, or become leaders, that sort of thing. I like heroic types, but especially quietly heroic guys, and both Brits and Aussies are the types who do not like to call attention to their actions, and deny being heroes, so that appeals to me. They are both men whose actions speak louder than words, and they are both astoundingly competent, and I LOVE THAT. Huge competency kink at work here. It doesn't hurt that they both look hot as hell in a drivesuit either.

Jan. 28th, 2014 11:36 pm (UTC)
There are some good fics in the AO3 (there's not a huge fandom for Hot Dads, most of it seems centered around Hansencest which just depresses me, but whatever, fandom never fails me when it comes to racism), including one by X that was, I think, the first story posted there, and of course I've written a few. A lot of it seems to involve other pairings, so you have to kind of search through all that to find the just Hot Dads ones, but there are some amazingly good stories. I'd say start with X's story And the White, White Drift, and maybe mine, if you're open to reading a pairing you don't already know.

And there's this gifset on Tumblr that made laugh like a drain and is the best thing ever in explaining the Hot Dads ship. It's so, so cute. And I agree with her 100% about the facts: They have a long and storied history; they are both very handsome; they are drift compatible OMG; there is massive SUBTEXT; and handsomeness. Really, it will make you laugh: http://fv-poster.livejournal.com/200238.html

Also tragedy. Which goes a long way with me, but the best thing is figuring out ways to fix it so they can live happily ever, which I am endeavoring to do right now. So I don't know if that helps, but there you are.
Jan. 28th, 2014 11:37 pm (UTC)
I had to separate my reply into three parts. ;-) Just in case you don't see all of them

Edited at 2014-01-28 11:38 pm (UTC)
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