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31 Flavors: Festivids edition!

Well, the first of the Festivids recs, anyway. OK, so I kinda cheated a little bit because I knew that Festivids were going live today, and so I waited to do yesterday's rec today. ;-) I'm pretty sure it'll be vid recs from here on out.

Anyway, I'm barely into it yet, because today I needed to do some things outside the house and so I will be working my way through them for the next few days. I figured that my luck wouldn't hold three years running and I would get two vids again, and I was right, but the vid I did get is awesome and you should so totally watch it because it's a microscopically small fandom and I fear my vidder may not get enough love and also it is awesome as I said.

Title of vid: Look Into My Eyes
Fandom: Eyes of Laura Mars
Music: Look Into My Eyes by Janelle Monae
Summary: John Neville/Laura Mars. Look into my eyes, fall in love with me.

A while ago I caught the tail end of Eyes of Laura Mars on TV and I remembered how much I loved its beautiful late '70s cheese and glitz and glam, so I realized it HAD to be a Festivid. I also really loved the story of Laura Mars (Faye Dunaway), who is this Helmut Newton-like fashion photographer living the high life who starts to see visions of women being murdered through the eyes of the killer. Baby Tommy Lee Jones is the detective working on the case, who falls in love with her. There is a massive surprise ending of course, and the vid focuses on the love affair rather than the disco-era mirrorball fabulosity or the visions, but I confess I ADORE the love story so much that I didn't even notice. It's so much fun to see a vid to this movie, I hope maybe a few people might check it out and who knows, in the future, there could be more vids!

Seriously check out this fucking fabulosity:
eyes 2

And my second rec, since I missed yesterday, is for Pride and Prejudice, and it's not even remotely like you'd expect.

Title of vid: By and by
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice (1995)
Music: Superfly by Curtis Mayfield
Summary: You're gonna make your fortune by and by.

I looked at the song and the fandom, and went, "the fuck?" and I clicked on it with extreme trepidation, especially when I saw that it looked like a Mr. Collins vid. OMG, it was so worth it. It's a hilarious look at the venal, idiotic, and ladder-climbing cousin of the Bennetts, and turns out to be just weirdly perfect for this miniseries.

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