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Festivids reveal: 2 for Happy Endings

I made two vids for the late lamented series Happy Endings, both for trelkez. I was so excited when I got the assignment, because I hadn't dared hope that anyone would ask for the show -- I feel like I'm the only person who loves it sometimes. (Despite the fact that it always got As and A-s and B+s on AV Club and other review sites, and EW adored it, it never got much play and Christ, ABC just abandoned it.)

Anyway, they were a ton of fun to make, and knowing I was making them for someone who loved the show, and who I really like, made it all the more fun. I think I've been really lucky with Festivids, because I've been assigned people I knew and liked each year.

The main assignment vid was Jane's Getting Serious, which was a bit of a stretch since it's about a sort of friends with benefits relationship where the guy is realizing the girl is getting serious about taking it to the next level, and Brad and Jane are already married. But it seemed to fit anyway, and it provided me with a backdrop for Jane's intensity and alpha role in their relationship, which Brad loves about her despite how much it trips him up sometimes. I love that they love each other no matter how insane things get. Jane is my soul mate, and I worship Brad like few other TV characters.

Jane's Getting Serious
Artist: Jon Astley
Fandom: Happy Endings
She's looking at me as if I'm something she owns.

I wanted to do a second vid, since I had the clips and the time, and had a really hard time finding a song. Then I found this one, and it was perfect -- I wanted to show what idiots they are, but that they're adorable idiots. They have so many misadventures on the show, it's so much fun and so great and they are so witty and cute. Really, they are amazingly adorable and fun and idiotic.

Best Day of My Life
Artist: American Authors
Fandom: Happy Endings
Friendship is magic!

It'll take me a while to get the uploads done to my website, not that anyone's running over there to get them or anything.

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