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Meme day 17

Behind again! I was racing to finish my book, which was due today, and then also deal with this whole new insurance thing and figuring out what to choose for new health insurance. As much of a proponent as I've been for having a national health care system, this new situation really isn't that great for me, since I'm being forced to pay for a lot of things I won't ever need. The subsidy helps a bit, but not nearly enough, and being a freelancer, my income is so completely unpredictable that it may come and go, or I'll be forced to pay back any assistance I get if I earn too much. I'm just really all kinds of sick about it, and I don't really see any improvement in my situation -- I still have a ridiculous deductible, and it still doesn't cover about half the things I will use it for, or more. Basically I'm paying almost the same amount for less and I have to go to a different insurer to keep my doctor. Do not like. I'm really glad people who couldn't get insurance before can, but...I really hope this thing will shake out and improve in the years ahead. Because right now it kinda sucks.

Then I had to work on my Yuletide story. I wish I had a beta for this. I don't know a single person who knows this fandom who'd be a beta, and I can't find anyone who's offered on the beta list, and...it really stinks and could use help, but I'm kind of stuck. I also want to write a treat for someone in the same fandom, and hope I can squeeze that in this weekend.

Anyways, for this entry [personal profile] paris7am asked: When you think about the fannish community, what is the best memory that pops up?

Which is pretty hard! I've been in fandom a really long time. And so many things are just gone from my memory, like the early cons I went to. And there are things that aren't specific memories, but more like feelings about ideas -- the way fans support each other in times of need, or the way they create community by developing everything from benefit zines to web archives.

But I have a couple memories that will probably always stay with me in a particularly special way. The first one is the time we brought our Professionals vid A Fire Is Burning to Virgule and heard the response of the room. I'd never been in a situation like that -- part of the creation of a work that had this huge, overwhelming response from people in the same room with me. I mean, I'd been a writer most of my life, and throughout school I had had really positive responses to things I'd written, teachers who helped me get things published, entered my stuff in writing competitions. And I'd had some stuff published on my own. So it wasn't like positive responses to things I'd created was entirely new to me, but that kind of situation was entirely new. To be in a room with people who were into the same things you were, who saw value in this work you'd created, who went positively apeshit over this thing...it was overwhelming. I'll never forget it, ever.

And I loved the way people rallied around Sandy when her cancer came back, hell, even the first time when she was in treatment. None of us really knew what to do, because Sandy was kind of the center of our universe in a lot of ways, our relationships and groups of people had been formed around her. So seeing people rally together to do everything from helping to paint her house to creating vid shows of Media Cannibals work to journals where people could post fanfic for her, that was really cool. I've seen this for other people as well, and it's just something I think fans are particularly kind about. I think we're often the kinds of people who put our money where our mouths are, you know?

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Dec. 21st, 2013 07:19 pm (UTC)
Those are awesome memories!

Happy holidays, and I hope you have many happy fannish memories waiting for you on the road ahead.

Dec. 25th, 2013 12:48 am (UTC)
Happy holidays to you, too! 8 more months till there are hugs!
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