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Meme day 12&13

Behind again! Gah, life is kicking my ass. I really love copyediting these travel guidebooks, but they are huge and an extreme amount of reading and dense, code-driven text, so they take so much time. I haven't even started my Yuletide story, but partly that's because of the lack of information, and thus idea sparkage, that my recipient provided. Or, rather, didn't provide (anything at all). I do have an idea for a treat story for one of the only other people who asked for this teeeeeny fandom, and I feel guilty that I'd much rather write this one, but hopefully I can do both in the timeframe allotted.

Anyways! Memage!

[personal profile] trepkos said: The most reckless thing you have ever done, but would do again.

You know, I'm not a very reckless person. Sometimes I wish I was, because those kinds of people always seem very carpe diem to me, and at times I wish I could live my life like, say, Tony Stark. But there's a reason my college friends called me "mom." I was always the responsible, sensible, adult one even when I was a kid, the person everyone called in an emergency. Not that I didn't have fun or do ridiculous things, but for the most part, I always chose the sensible path. But when I was a kid we lived across the street from someone who drove sports cars in races at Seattle International Raceway (rest in peace, SIR). One day he took me and his eldest daughter, who was my buddy, in the car around the track a couple times, at around 125 mph. This was a tiny little Alpine Sunbeam with only a rollbar up top for protection. Oh my god, it was the funnest thing ever. I can totally, completely understand the wherefores of how Paul Walker died -- even in a car as notoriously touchy as the Porsche he was in, that speed and cornering and rush is just...there is nothing like it in the world. If someone would take me around a track in a racecar again (or let me drive), I would go in a heartbeat. Yeah, I know, speed kills, but it's also really fucking fun.

[personal profile] arduinna Speak to me of Venture Bros! How did you get into it, who do you love best, what bugfuckery most (or least) appeals to you -- whatever you want, basically.

My love affair with the Venture Bros. started because my dear friend Keith, on one of his visits to Seattle, brought a copy of the first couple episodes, and presented it to me as a twisted take on Johnny Quest (which was one of my favorite cartoons of childhood). Since I had just seen not long before that the Harvey Birdman episode where Dr. Quest and Race Bannon have a custody battle over Johnny and Hadji, I was primed for more Quest parody.

I thought it was the weirdest cartoon I'd ever seen, and kind of creepy (the skinned dog, the peeing on the mummy corpse), but OMG I laughed so, so hard. I hadn't laughed like that at TV in such a long time. I totally fell in love with Brock Samson, because he was basically Race Bannon and Race was the closest I had ever come to having an animated character be a BSO (for some reason, which I've never understood, as much as I love animantion, I cannot feel fannish or be in love with a character the way I can with 3D live people. I don't understand it, but it just doesn't connect for me. It's weird). I just love Brock -- his love of weapons, his skills, his ridiculous mullet hair and oversized build...and his droll, dry sarcasm, so perfectly voiced by the inimitable Patrick Warburton.

They are so very out there. I haven't enjoyed it as much in the latter seasons, because I didn't understand a lot of what was going on once Brock left the employment of Dr. Venture. But I love how he's both devoted to the Ventures, still, and yet so disdainful of them because let's face it, that family is monumentally stupid. The Monarch also kills me, especially his love affair with Doctor Girlfriend (which, talk about bugfuckery: having her be voiced by a growly basso profundo), who should never put up with anyone that pathetic and yet she loves him unequivocally. There is no joke too crass, no idea too far gone for them. It's brilliant and so, so weird.

My favorite moment is probably still when The Monarch was telling someone about how he met a woman on "the LiveJournal" and that she told him he was "teh-heh sex, whatever that means." OMG I replayed that scene about a million times (and my friend [personal profile] belmanoir does an incredibly precise imitation of this). I've watched a lot of other Adult Swim shows, and none of them have really caught my fancy the way Venture Bros. does.

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Dec. 16th, 2013 12:14 am (UTC)
Interesting ... I don't mind taking physical risks, usually for a reason, but I DO NOT like being in a vehicle (on land - planes don't count) that is traveling at high speed. I get no rush - only fear!
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