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Meme day 10: chez gwyn

[personal profile] devilc asked: You did some major work on Chateau Gwyn about 5-7 years ago. Any updates?

Sadly, not much. I spent most of my money on relandscaping the backyard, which I documented in my journals. It was very expensive, and while it really helped fix a lot of the worst problems, it didn't turn out how I wanted it and between my back problems and my lack of time, I can't keep up with the maintenance for my no-maintenance garden. It needs a lot of work, otherwise it's becoming not unlike the jungle I had previously, which was what I spent all that money trying to fix.

I mean, it's way nicer in most respects -- I have a back deck that I can have parties on in summer, and the fence is such a vast improvement. But the gravel path has been taken over by feverfew and catchfly and weeds, and the Japanese sedge grasses I didn't ask for took over everything and crowded out the plants I did want, and the fountain broke this spring and I have no idea how to fix it, so I never used it all summer. I really missed the fountain, and the birdies did too.

My big goal is that I would like to do something with the front of the house, but the expense holds me back, and I can't decide if that's more desirable than fixing up the bathroom. I did put in shelving and storage in the garage, which I love, but again, that stuff is so expensive that it's meant I couldn't do other projects like the bathroom, which I would love to do. I dream of having a tub I can actually fit in. These ridiculous bathrooms that can't accommodate a person over 5 feet 6 are just... if I could afford to move, I totally would, just so I could have a real bathtub I could lie down in.

So I mostly just redecorate. I've been collecting a lot of midcentury modern style stuff, art for my walls and lamps and things. It will never look appropriately atomic, but I do what I can because that's my favorite style.

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