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Dog gone it

I'd been told in passing that they had an approved application for Ginny's adoption and the adopter was coming to the event on Saturday. So I bundled her up with all her stuff and drove over to Redmond, which is far away, and I didn't know that the Viaduct, which is a major highway in my area, was closed for the weekend, which makes it almost impossible to get off the peninsula I live on. My back was just so bad after the whole crisis mode this week, and I was in so much pain when we got there. No one seemed to know anything about the adopter coming and if it was confirmed.

It's as hard to stand as it is to sit, and the adoption events are basically us just standing around for four or five hours with the animals. I finally had to go get something to eat, and left Ginny in a crate for a while, poor kid -- she hates it when I do that, she's so heavily imprinted on me. Finally quitting time rolled around, and as much as I love petting the bunnies and the kittens and holding the little dogs -- there's a sort of almost bald little min-pin called Bettie Paige whom I adore and love to cuddle, who's been waiting to be adopted longer than even Ginny has -- and smelling the puppies, it's hard on me at these things. And hard on Ginny since she hates standing around and also has to endure a lot of people coming up to her making high-pitched noises and grabbing her because she's so cute.

Anyway, as I was leaving, the rescue group person came up to me and apologized for the adopter -- it turned out he decided to adopt a puppy while he was there, and no one bothered to tell me. I asked if it was the guy who lived in the retirement center who'd told me he was going to get her, but she said no, it was a gay guy and he and his partner were the ones who were coming to adopt her. That would have been lovely for her because a couple would be so much nicer than a single person. I was so bitter and angry -- I was like, DIAF random gay guy, but then of course I felt bad thinking that because I mean, he at least adopted A dog even if it wasn't Ginny.

It's hard when it's like this. She's been with me longer than any dog I've had, and I just do not understand why she hasn't been adopted. She's fucking adorable. And she's also imprinted on me so much by now that it will be a lot harder on her to move somewhere else. It's always an adjustment for them, but pretty rough when they've lived somewhere else for so long, especially after coming from a really bad situation. Not that I would stop doing it, but this has been the roughest situation I've ever had -- first the stress with the cats resulting in the bite, her health problems, my health problems, blah blah. I just want her to get a home and be loved and happy.

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Nov. 18th, 2013 05:40 am (UTC)

Boy! That's sad you had to go through the ordeal for nothing. I think Ginny is praying hard to stay back with you :) If I may suggest, why don't you try getting one of your friends to look after her till you're better to take care of her? Hope you find a way out. Don't worry, someone will come for Ginny when the time is right :)
Nov. 20th, 2013 05:06 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's hard, because you spend a lot of time with people when they're considering a dog, and then when you hand the dog over, and it's a very emotional, very intensive thing. But this is what it is with the fostering -- just one of those things you sign up for when you take one in!
Nov. 23rd, 2013 02:02 am (UTC)
I am so like you - I have a foster dog and a few foster cats right now. Peewee is my foster dog, and I need to take some better pictures so they can update his posting and maybe he can find a home. The thing that stinks is he's also been with us for a while now so I feel bad for him when he does have to leave me. Also, there are no adoption events around here for me, since I'm fostering for a rescue that is just strictly for new england.

I wish you and Ginny luck. <3
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