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Dear Yuletide writer

Thank you so much for volunteering to write a story for me! Me me me!! I don't have a lot of stuff to add to my optional notes for the fandoms I requested, but I can give you more background about my general likes and dislikes if that will help you write.

I'm a huge fan of stories that have shape and themes -- but I'm also happy when it's an interior monologue or a couple of people sitting around talking, because those things can also lead to character insight and change. Characters figuring themselves out, finding out something new, learning about themselves or another person, are always my favorite kinds. All the fandoms I've chosen have characters that I care deeply about, so if you're writing them, we have something in common! Other common tropes I love include competency porn (man do I have a competency kink), hurt/comfort, especially when it's derived from a situation where someone has to get hurt in order to maintain a cover, idylls or R&R type holidays, and road trips. God I love road trips.

I'm equally at home with angst, suffering, fluff, PWP, happy endings, first times, romance or friendship, slash or gen, you name it. I'm not one of those people who only wants happiness for Yuletide -- whatever floats your boat, I'm in. There are a couple things, though, that I don't deal well with: any kind of animal suffering, misogyny or portraying female characters as bad just because they're female, and sexual kink (bdsm, torture, that sort of stuff). I'm also really, really not keen on AUs -- the classic what-if kind of AU is often OK, but if the characters are suddenly in Regency England or they're garden gnomes or socks, or werewolves...well, that's definitely not my cup of tea. Otherwise, I say, go to town!

My fandoms:

So, I'm kind of in love with Alice Morgan, and I don't know why because she is normally the kind of character I hate. I mean, she killed the dog! But her and John just really, really work for me. I love their twisted relationship. But I also love Justin Ripley, so if we matched on him and John Luther, that works for me too. I don't have much to add to the optional details, but I'd just love to see what happens to Alice and John afterward, or maybe a scene from earlier in the series, or John and Justin together.

Ripper Street
I really love all the characters in this show. I don't have anything else to add to the optional details, but just about anything here will make me happy because I love all these characters. Maybe even Miss Goren and Emily Reid could become friends and crusade against society's ills!

Honestly, I just love Handsome Bob and One Two. I really want to see what really happened when they went out -- I don't believe the movie version and that all they did was dance. But ANYthing with the two of them will be great, maybe One Two really liked it more than he admitted and something set after the movie could be fun. I didn't put Mumbles in my character requests, but I would also be totally happy if you wanted to include him -- I adore Idris Elba beyond reason.

Now and Again
I was stunned to see this on the list, because it's still one of my all time favorite series ever. I would be happy with anything you could come up with for Michael and Theo. What happens after the end of the series? Or any interlude during the series we didn't see?

The Unit
This is my most complicated request. I have some seriously confused feelings about Mack as a character, but he was pretty much the main reason I watched the whole series and continue to watch it in reruns, because I'm kinda obsessed by Max Martini, that whisky-voiced ginger hotass life ruiner. But the show really did some sketchy things with him, especially regarding the domestic abuse issues, which were never really resolved and were very confusing. I also can't stand the wives on the series, which bothers me a lot because I wanted to really like them, and a lot of Mack's story centers around his train wreck of a cheating wife. It would be awesome, I guess, if the story focused on Jonas and Mack, or just Mack, as operators or on their life-partners friendship, just because of the rest of the complicated stuff. I loved how they always had each other's backs, how much Mack admired and deferred to Jonas, and how Jonas treated Mack as his 2IC. Or hell, just stick the two of them in a shack and write voice porn, because wow do they both have amazing voices. ;-)

Most of all, I hope you have a lot of fun writing the story, because hey, we like the same things and the same characters! That's awesome!


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Oct. 15th, 2013 07:33 pm (UTC)
Now and Again, yes! Why is this not on DVD, why. I want to watch it again so bad.
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