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Ugh, I hate this, I should be excited, but I don't know what to do about Yuletide and Festivids. They are both open for noms (not yummy noms, just nominations), but I have a big project coming up in October through November and I don't know how much time I'll have to write or vid. Last year I took off work -- I basically didn't accept any new projects for the entire of November and December, which I am wondering how much of an effect that had on my lower workload this year and less income. I finally heard back from one publisher this summer, but that was a long time and I worried that by turning down a project last winter, I had negatively affected my relationship with them.

Also, I have no fucking clue what to even nominate. I don't feel motivated by anything right now, except Pacific Rim, which is, you know, not going to fit in either of these challenges. I've been so disappointed by my fandoms this past year and it's left a bad taste in my mouth. I guess there are still some possibilities like Ripper Street and some of my oldies but goodies, but coming up with stories will be hard (less so for vids, I think).

What to do? what to do

Yesterday I skived off this giant book I'm proofing (it's awful, too, which doesn't help) and went to the Western Washington State Fair, commonly called the Puyallup Fair by locals. I loooooove the fair. But for the past couple years, every time I've been, the horse barns and cow barns have been closed. This is so frustrating. At least the draft horse barn was open, and I love looking at them, but man, I wanna see me some horsies and moo cows. A couple years ago [personal profile] belmanoir introduced me to mutton-busting, where little kids try to ride a running sheep for as long as they can, so adorable; this year we stumbled on the junior tractor pull, where little kids pedal a mini tractor with a heavy load behind it as far as they can -- it was super cute to see a little girl kicking all the little boys' asses. We also stumbled on camel rides -- and I wondered if that was a thing that's been around before? Because I've never seen it, and I really love camels, so I wanted to do it. But the antibiotics have left me in, shall we say, less than spectacular control of my bodily functions, so I figured I'd better not. ::shakes fist at sky and says in Khan voice:: Next year! Next year I shall have my camel ride.

We have a weird tradition here in the Northwest of fair scones. The Fisher Mill started serving them back in the early days, and they became really popular -- they're the old-fashioned, Englishy scones, not the gross big blocks with sugar that you tend to see here in the US. They're filled with raspberry jam, and they are light and fluffy and when you eat them hot out of the oven it is delicious fair-y goodness that cannot compare. I always buy a baker's dozen and then eat half of them on the way home and the other half I space out for days. Sometimes if I can find clotted cream then I can have cream tea every day.

I was bummed because my friend Michael wouldn't even ride the ferris wheel with me. I can never find people who want to go on rides with me. I get that a lot of people can't handle them, but I need to find a ride companion one of these days. They have this fabulous roller coaster that's one of the last remaining wooden ones around, and it's deliciously scary.

Anyway, I do love the fair, and I always have nice weather when I go there, but it's also a harbinger of fall, and knowing that in a couple days summer's officially over and then I has a sad. As well as SAD. We've had a spectacular summer here, for the first time in years and years. Almost no rain, sunny nearly every day, only a few days above 90 degrees F, it's just been divine. I'm very sorry to see it end.

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Sep. 21st, 2013 04:03 pm (UTC)
If we're ever in the same area where there's a fair at the same time, I'd love to go on rides with you. I have the same problem about finding ride companions.

And after all, didn't we go skydiving together?
Sep. 21st, 2013 08:30 pm (UTC)
I loved my Festivid from you last year. And I'm glad to see that Pacific Rim has already been nominated, because I would have done it myself had it not been. *hugs*
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