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Murder on the dance floor

I'm at Vividcon with my peeps! It is wonderful as always. It's especially nice this year because I've had the chance to see Margie, Seah, and Merry again after visiting them in May and that has never happened before. Awesome.

Club Vivid was appropriately fun until kerithwyn broke her ankle when we were doing a how low can you go dance to a vid song by the Killers because we love the Killers. I felt soooo bad because she was in a lot of pain, and I managed to barely miss falling over and I'm the clumsy oaf who breaks things, not other people. She is remarkably cheerful today and says she's not in pain.

I was very very drunk, which was nice. I love an open bar, and the bartender remembers me each year, so he always gets a big tip. I've had a few spontaneous crying jags missing Snady but I'm trying to keep it together.

Been enjoying the swimming pool again but today a really loud family came in and cut my time short. I've been having so much pain in my left leg, and the swimming pool has really helped a lot. I'm going to have to get back in the habit of swimming when I get home.

Tonight is premieres. I'm not even nervous this year -- my vid is for Miami Vice and there are like four people who will even give a shit, so I'm way less stressed. I'm trying very hard not to talk obsessively about Pacific Rim but it's hard not to -- it's just the only thing I care about right now!


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Aug. 18th, 2013 02:37 pm (UTC)
Broken ankle at Club Vivid?! Oh noes! Sounds like quite a dance party this year. :)

Glad you're having a good time!!
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