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The wall

Yay Vidukon premieres show! It had a lot of wonderful vids, I must say. It was fun seeing my Awake vid with such a small audience, it's kind of a cool, very different experience than at cons like vividcon or Escapade. The sound mix was pretty off, so the lyrics, which drive the vid quite a bit, were completely lost. But it sounds like enough people got the gist.

I've missed a bit of programming today because my back hurts so bad . All those hard wooden seats at every fucking place in London , and then the train over, plus the hotel chairs, have really done a number on me. I'll probably miss some tomorrow, but I'm taking the return train to London with [personal profile] isagel. This afternoon I walked over to the Millennium Center and saw that, the bay, and of course Torchwood tower. It was pretty freaking awesome, I must say.

But I think I've hit a wall. I'm so tired I can't see straight. I miss the kitties so bad I'm talking to their pictures. I'm having a great time, but am also in deep pain and raggedy. I don't think it would feel this way if I was younger. If I could get another good nights sleep it might help, but I think I might have also bit off more than my decrepit old body can chew. Still lots of good experiences in the next four days though! Wish me luck.

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