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OMG Cymru!

I'm here in Cardiff by the Sea! The train over was VERY interesting as I accidentally found mysel in a car filled with drunk guys -- excuse me, LADS -- getting progressively drunker, on their way to a stag party. They completely surrounded me. But they actually were pretty nice to me, and when they realized I was not super bothered by them and moved my stuff so they could add a fifth to their table poker game, they acted very friendly to me, the really astonishingly handsome one talking to me and apologizing for everyone.

Speaking of loud stag parties, I'm in the Vidukon hotel bar eating a sandwich and listening to an even louder group of guys who are clearly here for stag night. I guess this hotel is overrun with stag and hen parties on weekends.

I hope I can find a shop somewhere that I can pick up some snacks. It's kind of out of any real city space. Saw the edge of the Millennium Center on the cab ride over, but I want to see the whole thing.

ETA: good Christ, I love Welsh accents. I'm home.


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May. 17th, 2013 03:38 pm (UTC)
Aw, it's cool that you're in Cardiff. My dad is from a town not far away, Barry. Be sure to get to walk around in Cardiff when you can. The museum near the castle is excellent. There's also an old covered market downtown that is quaint. Let's see...and the shopping arcade. Oh, and the 19th century castle surrounding the remnants of a much older one.
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