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Am I not entertained?

Still using awkward keyboards -- boy am I gonna be glad when I get an iPad.

I saw the play with my idol, Judi Dench, last night. I'm really glad I ended up buying a ticket online because it was very hard to get the released seats or the returns. I think there's a point where you have to consider whether you want to queue for 8 hours of your holiday (seriously) or pay a lot of money for a once in a lifetime event and enjoy yourself. Glad I had the option to choose the latter (because I can well remember when I didn't).

It was so worth it. I was in the fourth row and Dame Judi and Ben Whishaw were 12feet from my faaaace. It was awesome and wonderful and I have things to say about it but not without a real keyboard.

Then today I went to the David Bowie exhibit at the V & A. Wow I'd forgot how far away the museum is from the tube stop. When you have an injured foot that's a loooong walk. It is a very oddly curated show. But still cool, and my favorite bits were the costuming notes and the handwritten lyrics. My headphones weren't working properly and that frustrated me.

The queue was ginormous but I only had to wait about 45 min for a ticket and then a couple hours to get in, not bad considering it was a zoo. I couldn't help laughing at these crazy middle aged women who all seemed to look and sound like variations on Harriet Jones who sat in the big area that has multiple screens on a huge wall, shouting factoids at each other as if they weren't wearing headphones. I mean WTF?

Anyway, I met up with webcowgirl for a drink and then I went in search of dinner. My tv isn't working and nothing I can do will fix it. The housekeeper must have done something but I'm unsure what. I want my Brit tv. We are going to a play next week, my last night, with John Simm. So it all ties into Bowie: I'm seeing a play with the actor from Life on mars, and there was a copy of a program in the exhibit today that showcases a production of Cabaret starring Judi Dench as Sally Bowles. Neat, that, eh?


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May. 17th, 2013 07:01 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you enjoyed the play - I was a bit worried it might not come up to expectations!
May. 17th, 2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
You know, people have had wildly differing reactions to the play, but I enjoyed every minute of it. And seeing how hard it was to get a ticket, I really don't regret the usorious price anymore.
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