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I see London

Arrived in London yesterday morning. I'm typing this on my sad little Nook keyboard so I aplogize for typos and punctuation -- unlike an iPad, there is no autofill or correct. I had breakfast in the restaurant while they worked to ready my room since I was so early. I hadn't been able to sleep much in Boston. Not sure why. So I was crazy tired and even with dozing off and on on the plane, i still couldn't sleep for real, so as soon as i got in the room, I went to sleep and crashed hard.

Woke up and showered, then walked up to Oxford St to the place where my ticket for the Judi Dench play would be (I found one online). Picked up some random stuff and went back to the hotel while checking out the area. Oh, England, I had forgotten your warm cans of soda pop -- or maybe I had just hoped that had changed.

I was perfectly happy to snuggle in in my room all night and watch Brit tv, but that was hard -- it seems as if all the Sky channels are just American networks and shows. I finally found some stuff like Midsomer murders and L and O UK. I was still so sleepy that I couldnt keep my eyes open despite Jamie Bamber's prettiness and the drunks shouting in the street below, and went to sleep. Like the dead. I mean, i got up a lot, but the bed was divine and I was so, so tired. I had also taken a bath in the huge tub, which i think helped me sleep, something i never do successfully in hotels.

I think they upgraded me to their largest room, because this one feels huge, something rare inLondon even in the swankiest places. I slept late, putzed around, and went to the Courtauld Gallery, my favorite museum here. It was as wonderful as i remembered. I got SO lost trying to find the Leicester square tube, but they now have street wayfinding signs and with a little more walking and reorienting, i finally found it. On my way back, i made a point to walk past the theatre so I wouldnt get lost again tonight when I go (OMG I get to see Judi Dench on stage). Now i'm back in my room till it's time for the play.

Tomorrow its the V & A to see when I can get in to the Bowie exhibit. Hope all iswell with you guys! And i'm looking forward to meeting some of you at Vidukon!


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