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Well, here I am

I has a [profile] aka_arduinna, a [personal profile] therienne, and a [personal profile] mollyamory! I have arrive safely in Boston, after a long and uncomfortable flight (restless leg syndrome like WHOA, so bad that I never had the chance to sleep even though the ativan and couple of Baileys on rocks made me feel like a sleepwalker. Everyone else was asleep, but there I was, watching The Hobbit or listening to my Steve and Kayla playlist.

Fortunately, Seah and Merry took me to a nice breakfast with pancakes and bacon, and that definitely helped me feel better, and then I took a three hour nap, which was aces. Now I'm trying to get rid of whatever this weird sinus thing is, and then we'll probably have more food and it's TV night.

And soon I will have a [personal profile] talking_sock! It's kinda rainy, kinda sunny, and I didn't pack quite as sensible as I should have, but it's all good. This is my first time in Boston, and it's always so interesting to see how different things are place to place in this country.

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May. 10th, 2013 12:33 am (UTC)
So jealous! I mean, I'm glad you made it! Have some extra fun for me. :D
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