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More about importing old text

Thanks to everyone who commented on the porting over my old stories to AO3. I'm nearly done -- I think. The worst one is ahead, which is my Buffy WIP that hasn't been finished. I found that there's something that prevents me from using the importer on a lot of my stuff (probably how things were coded before), and that one is gonna be a bitch. Blurg. But who knows, maybe it will inspire me to finish the damn thing. I'm sort of fascinated by the fact that I have so much shit from before. And how it basically almost stops after sis_r died. There's still the finished Fast and the Furious stuff from after she was gone, a Mag 7 or two, and a few chapters of the Buffy WIP, but outside of Yuletide and the odd Avengers story I wrote this summer, nada.

In a way, I'm almost glad because it means there's less to port. But if I could have had the choice to keep my twin sister and not write another word, I'd have taken that one.

I have another question, though -- what about some random Five Things little pieces I did by request a few years ago in my LJ? Would/should those be in AO3? I just don't know. I mean, I guess it's fic in a way, but it's not...well, it doesn't seem like real fic to me. They're just tiny.

I have another post at some point about Justified this season. This is the first time I can ever say I'm not unequivocally in love with it. This disturbs me, since it's the closest thing I have on TV to my old fannish obsessiveness.

Also saw Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters yesterday and have thoughts.

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