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Surrendering to the gravity and the unknown

Finished my Yuletide story first draft last night. It's shameful, really, I should have been finished weeks ago, but...wow, I have a hard time writing still these days. Anyway, now I need to shape it up and hopefully find a beta if I can.

And then get started on Festivids. I've been waffling about song choice for the longest time, and I just need to clip at least, and with any luck the song will come along. I have had one in mind for a long time, but it's not quite perfect for this particular situation, and I've tried a bunch of other good ones, but none of them feel perfect.

I did the friending meme on kouredios' LJ and so there might be some new people reading this -- hello! ::waves:: I have to get my ass in gear and start adding to my circle as well. I will try to be more entertaining than I've been of late. And post more often. After all, conversation is the motivation behind the friending meme, so I better get conversatin'!

Buffy still isn't adopted yet. We've been to a bunch of adoption events and everyone falls in love with her, but no one seems to want to take the plunge and commit. We met a couple who are moving to Spain soon (he's in the Navy), and they seemed like they really wanted to do it, but I haven't heard anything yet so I'm starting to believe that's not happening, either. I'm kind of crushed for her. It's such a boring life here, all she does is sleep most of the time because it's just me and I'm staring at a computer all the time. She deserves so much more. The other nice thing would have been that this couple have a poodle already, so she would have had a companion of her own kind (she's a yorkiepoo).

Now that all the shows are going on holiday hiatus, I'm trying to catch up on the movies I've had piling up on the tifaux. I watched John Carter tonight. I'd had this idea that it would be better than everyone said, and I'd be all "they just didn't understand it," but nope. It really was as bad as they said. I felt kind of sorry for everyone involved. Poor Taylor, too...the guy needs something worthy of him. There were so many good people in that movie, and you could see them trying really hard, but...wow. Just so bad. And usually I can pinpoint what makes it so, however, this time, I'm incapable of ascertaining just where they could have fixed it.

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Dec. 12th, 2012 09:05 am (UTC)
I'm sure Buffy is just happy to be being looked after.
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