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Dear Festividder!

I am sorry I'm so late with this letter, because I deeply appreciate that you are making me a vid! Last year was my first Festivids, and it was a wonderful experience -- so rest assured, I will be thrilled with whatever you make me.

I don't have a lot to add to the optional details in the original signup, but here's a little bit about me and my likes/dislikes and the fandoms in case it helps.

Generally, I'm a fan of music. Like, almost any music. The only thing I don't like as a genre is modern jazz, especially freeform stuff. So you're probably pretty safe with just about anything else (there are definitely artists I dislike, but musical styles not so much). Unless you want to vid show tunes in an earnest way, and then I might give you a o-O. I'm also a person who loves the Big Emotions -- really really happy, really really sad, really really funny...you get the drift. Don't worry if you want to go dark -- I'm OK with that! Most of all have fun, because if you love the source and I love the source, it's magic and sparkles and rainbows coming out of unicorns' butts!

Awake (2012) [TV]
You may have noticed a general Jason Isaacs/William Fichtner theme going on in my requests. I loved this series, even though it kind of fell apart under its own weight. But anything with Jason's lovely face will make me happy.

Case Histories [TV]
Again with the Jason Isaacs -- but wow, do I love him as Jackson Brodie. I love Jackson's tendency to pick up and help people with broken wings. He's a man after my own heart. I also really love the relationship he has with his daughter, and with Louise.

Contact (1997) [Movie]
This is a hard one to request because I really love this movie, but there is one HUGE flaw in it that's hard to get around, and that's Palmer Joss. What a patronizing, condescending, selfish bastard he is, and I don't understand Ellie's attraction to him. A good vid would be the movie without Palmer! Focusing on Ellie's friendship with Kent, and her team, might be a really good way around that.

Happy Endings (2011) [TV]
Max! Penny! Brad and Jane! Dave and his love affair with v-necks! Alex's sheeplike tendencies...anything here is good.

Mayhem (Allstate TV ads) [Commercial]
The hardest part of this would be vidding around the disclaimers, but in some ways, that might even make it funnier...I just think Mayhem deserves some extra love and attention.

MDs [TV]
You're probably not here for this. I was the only person who even had source up, but that's gone now thanks to Megaupload. I will try to find a way to get this up if I can.

Strike Back (2010) [TV]
I'm almost embarrassed by how much I love this show. I'd love something that focused on Stonebridge, but would pretty much be happy with anything here, especially if it's Damien and Michael running around blowing shit up and the women and men back in command being awesome.

Terminator Movies [Movie]
I am all about the real Sarah Connor -- Linda Hamilton is the love of my life. She really needs a vid that shows her strength and growth. And how much ass she kicks.


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Oct. 18th, 2012 01:13 am (UTC)
I don't get a vote, but I'd really love to see Happy Endings or Case Histories. :)
Oct. 29th, 2012 03:15 am (UTC)
I know, both of those would be great!!! It's soooo long away, though.
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