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Dear Yuletidey Person

Hi glorious Yuletide author! I am so excited you liked a fandom as much as I do that you want to write in it! Yay! I will be thrilled to read whatever you write. I have a few likes/dislikes that I can share with you, and I'll tell you a little bit more about each of the fandoms I chose, but honestly, you can't go wrong with the optional details. They might seem vague, but I don't like to give super specific prompts because I have a hard time writing that way. HOWEVER, if you really crave super specific prompts, have a mod ping me and I will try to deliver! I want you to be happy and have a good experience.

I can handle dark, light, and medium tones for stories -- I'm not averse to something really grim, although I have to admit that after a lot of years of losing people I love, I'm less and less thrilled with death stories than I used to be, but if that floats your boat, don't be afraid to do it if the story requires. I love real angst and stories where there are stakes and consequences. But I also love humor and witty banter and hearts aflutter.

Some dislikes are: I'm not religious, and I'd prefer that religion stay out of it if at all possible, unless it's integral to what the characters are doing or their identities (such as the Islamic characters in Strike Back). Pregnancy stories and things about babies or turning characters into kids is not something I especially enjoy. Two of the fandoms I requested this year involve men who have a kid, so that aspect I'm totally OK with, it's just more the baby-having or child-being thing I don't enjoy. I'm involved with animal rescue, so the one thing I really can't handle is any kind of animal suffering or cruelty to animals (and little kids).

I chose Michael Britten as my only character request because I'm pretty happy to have him interacting with whomever -- one of his partners in either world, his wife, his son, his shrinks... as long as the focus is on Michael, I'm good! I think he's so interesting, and I can totally identify with his choice that if he has to be "sane" and leave either his wife or his child behind, he'd rather be crazy. I completely understand his grief and his loss, so if a story focused on coping with that, it could be awesome. Or even if it's just him solving a case, or working on finding out what's going on...he's fascinating to me and I loved Jason Isaacs in this role, and there should be fic for it!

I know, another Jason Isaacs role! What are the odds?! But he did it again for me here -- I just adore Jackson Brodie and his need to take care of people, even though he clearly can't take care of himself. Anything here would be great, really -- Jackson working a case, Jackson with Louise or even his ex, Jackson with his kid, who I love. The loss that eats away at him about Niamh would also be great, because that is such a driving force in his life. Or maybe something from his police days, or military days?

I confess, I would love this most of all -- I asked for and offered this last year, but because of how things were structured, we had to offer one other character, and I think a lot of people were put off by that. But this year, we can just do Mayhem! Think of the possibilities -- Mayhem walks into a bar. Mayhem goes trick or treating. Mayhem goes vacationing in an RV. Mayhem could wreak havoc anywhere! Or what would happen if he ran into Flo the Progressive Insurance lady? She would take him down a peg or two, don't you think?

OK, I always talk about how I'm almost embarrassed to love this show. But I'm not quite too embarrassed. I have never seen the first series, only the second and third ones with Philip Winchester and Sullivan Stapleton. So hopefully we won't have matched on the series but not the characters if this was your assignment, although I am going to try to watch first series soon. I love the fact that these two were an old married couple from the get-go, just an old married couple who shoot lots of people and blow shit up. My main man is definitely Stonebridge, I have rather an unholy love for him, so if he were the primary focus that would be cool, but not mandatory. Maybe Scott takes up for good with the stunning Touareg leader and Stonebridge makes three? Or gets jealous? Or maybe one of them finally goes for broke and they get together for some slashy sexytimes? Or maybe they're just friends, dealing with the effects of their jobs? There's a goldmine of emotional turmoil to mine here!

Thank you, Yuletide author! I hope you enjoy your assignment!

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