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Maybe I'm crazy...probably

I think I will try to do both Festivids and Yuletide again this year. Dad's already dead, so at least that won't interfere with my ... uh, deadlines again. And after the books I have now, I'm not taking on anymore projects for winter. So there.

To wit, I've nominated 16 fandoms so far. Only a couple have other nominations, I was mildly heartened to see one other person has listed Case Histories, but I know better than to hope for something in that. Some of these are just "gee, that might be fun to vid" while others are more of the "OMG want" category. We can do 20 max, so I still have room for four more if I change my mind.

Awake (2012) [TV]
Big Trouble In Little China [Movie]
Black Hawk Down [Movie]
Burn Notice [TV]
Case HIstories [TV]
Charlie Jade [TV]
Drive Angry (2011) [Movie]
Generation Kill [TV]
Local Hero [Movie]
The Magnificent Seven (1998) [TV]
Mayhem (Allstate TV ads) [Commercial]
MDs [TV]
Miami Vice [TV]
The Middleman [TV]
Strange Days [Movie]
Strike Back (2010) [TV]
ETA: And Kiss Kiss Bang Bang! I knew there was another one I forgot.

Some might notice the preponderance of Jason Isaacs and William Fichtner. I'm just saying. (I wonder why Case Histories has the uppercase I in the middle -- I bet that's my fault from nominating it last year, because I'm the worst typist.) Strike Back seems problematical because the first season is a different cast and tone, and the second series was referred to as Strike Back: Project Dawn to distinguish it in some markets. I wonder if that will have an effect on what's requested/offered and could cause "not the fandom I'm talking about" issues.

OK, back to work now. Regency romance proofread is awaiting my eyeballs.

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Sep. 17th, 2012 05:54 am (UTC)
I do admire people who can stick to a schedule like these. I'm so random I don't think I could even think about it.

I don't vid for months then I pop three in a row - just cause.

Good luck...
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