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Vividcon premieres vid: Haywire

This is my premieres show vid from Vividcon for the movie Haywire, because Gina Carano is my girlfriend and I totally heart her beating up all the mens. I was hoping to put my Club Vivid up as well, but unfortunately I cannot for the life of me get it to encode without squeezing. I actually don't know how to "remux" something that's been separated, so I guess it'll be a while before I can get that one up. My entire day has been wasted trying to finish this. Ugh.

Anyway, the credits look like ass on the web version and it is making my inner type geek weep, but it is what it is. I had a really good long talk with [personal profile] absolutedestiny about posting to streaming sites, and I think I may try a sockpuppet account at YouTube here in the future, but for now I've gone back to Vimeo because I can at least control a few more things than at Viddler. I really hate how fraught all this streaming stuff is.

60 Feet Tall
Fandom: Haywire
Artist: The Dead Weather
File: Divx avi 42MB
Streaming: here
She can take the trouble.

Embed here; password: gina

60feet from gwyneth on Vimeo.

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