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Windy city

It's late and I should be going to bed, but I'm sitting here in my Chicago hotel room waiting for someone from maintenance to come up and try to get my toilet to a) flush and b) stop running. I'd flushed it when I left last, about four hours ago, and went down to [personal profile] flummery's room for our post-Vividcon hangout, and it was still running when I got back, and doesn't want to actually flush. My whole room's been fucked -- the refrigerator is warm and moist, which is creepy and gross. And the carpet has felt kind of damp all weekend, but it helped to run the AC on high for a while, even though I was an iceberg afterwards for quite some time. It's just WRONG when Chicago is colder than Seattle, but it has been all weekend.

Good con this year, with a few weird or bad spots, but mostly good. I never had time to upload my vids before I left, so that will have to wait till I get home, but no one's exactly champing at the bit to see them so I'm not too stressed. I really loved my vid show, Weird Science. But I have missed Sandy even more acutely this year than before. It just kills me, seeing the things she would have loved so much, like the "Thor" vid that closed the show and the Whip It vid in Club Vivid.

Anyways, more con notes once I get back. Time for some sleep. Heading home tomorrow afternoon, and I miss my kitties so much. I hope that when I get back, I'll get a new foster dog soon -- I've gone a whole summer without a dog, and it's a shame not to have one enjoying the back yard at the height of summer.

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Aug. 13th, 2012 07:51 am (UTC)
Your hotel sounds like a nightmare.
When we go on holiday, they nearly always put us in one of the crappiest rooms first thing; we must look like the type of people who will put up with it.
We always go down to reception straight away and ask, very politely and with big smiles, to be moved.
Usually end up with an upgrade.
I hope your problem got sorted out.
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