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I finally got the book that has been hanging over my head off to the publisher late last night, which was unbelievably difficult since my laptop had stopped being able to access Airport and I realized partway through uploading that my word lists and query files had not been updated in the network storage. Boy, that was a lot of added fun on top of the already insanely high level of stress. Note to self: Never take a day off when you've got a book due to write fanfic.

Now I have to pounce on all the things that got put on the back burners while I rushed to finish this. Which is tough, since I'm going up to Vancouver for a minibreak on Thursday through Saturday and I really really didn't want to work, but tomorrow's almost a lost day for me, as I have a big conference call with the university about our program. Boy, do I have an earful for them.

I haven't been able to watch the Hollow Crown at all, and it's driving me nuts because I want to see Hiddles's faaaaace. And I love me some Prince Hal. But still. Work to do and all that.

Today I had my weigh-in and body fat percentage checkin at the fitness place. I've only lost a pound, but have lost an entire percent of body fat. I'm OK with that, even if it's a little disappointing, just because I'm not at all focused on weight since I'm pretty heavy even when I've been thin (I'm just a very big Amazonian gal, no getting around that), but of course you still hope to hear that you've lost weight. I am, however, happy about the body fat percentage -- my trainer today said that's really not common to lose that big of a percentage that quickly, so, yay for that. Maybe I will be able to zip that dress up at Vividcon after all.

I have noticed that even though none of my clothes are looser, the blubber is less prominent around my waist. Today was a tough workout just because I'm leaving for the last half of the week, so I'm cramming all my workouts into these three days, no rest in between. And today I've battled a migraine and extreme intestinal distress, but I still made it through 100 crunches and a set of around the world crunches (to the sides and center, much harder!). Not to mention the fit test on the treadmill. Go me.

There is so much to catch up on fannishly! But it's gonna have to wait. I have really gotten into Strike Back on Cinemax/Sky -- two hot guys shooting shit and blowing shit up and having lots of sex. I want to talk about that and the other things I'm watching. It's weird, but I actually am not burning to go see Dark Knight Rises. Seriously, what is wrong with me these days? But I'm just so annoyed at Nolan loading it down with his favorite white people that it's been really hard for me to muster interest. I don't know -- worth it? Tell me what you think (and no, I care not about spoilers, never have, never will).

ETA: Hawaii pics! So, this is an apparently very endangered bird that I spotted at McBryde Garden. They number in the 300s right now, and they're considered critically endangered. They're Hawaiian moorhens.
Hawaiian moorhen

Hawaiian moorhen


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Aug. 5th, 2012 06:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, I have this nightmare that this is where my weight/size plateaus and it won't get better no matter what I do. They keep trying to tell me it'll get better. ;-) I will say that I'm a lot stronger already, and underneath the blubber, my glutes are amazing. I just want to lose that layer of fat on the outside so they can show up!
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