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Hawaii picspam, part deux

Today I went down to the Danish furniture store to see if I could find anything in teak -- that used to be the standard for all Scandinavian stuff, it seemed, and yet nowadays you can't find anything at all. A lot of the midcentury modern pieces I've been getting are in teak, and I wanted to try to match that type of wood, but since it's regulated now, it's next to impossible to find in anything but furniture for wet situations. But even though I didn't find that, I did stumble on this chair, which I'd seen a while ago but didn't really file it away in my mind like I should have. It's an incredibly pricey investment, but I sat in it and my back felt -- I'm not exaggerating here -- instantly lighter and felt so much better. I used the little handle to recline, and the whole chair moves back to become a zero-gravity chair to really stretch your back out. It was the first time I'd felt pain-free in months and months. I kept hoping no one would come by to ask if they could help me just so I could lie there like that.

It also comes with an optional tray laptop desk that you can swing around and work on instead of having to put the laptop on your legs, and I tried different reclines with the desk and they all worked really well. So I bought it in ivory. It's going to be three to four weeks before I get it, but I am really psyched. Considering how much time I spend on my laptop for my work, and that working lying down wrecks my neck even if it might help my back, this is a solution for both situations. It's going to be a tight squeeze, but I think I may have to get rid of my sectional couch (woe! I wanted a sectional for like my whole adult life) and get a smaller vintage couch or maybe another of these chairs and a vintage chair for company... no more lounging around on my couch in piles of people anymore, I guess, but I don't have large groups that often, even though I'd like to.

I don't really like the color options they have, they're uniformly unappealing to me (the closest they had to taupe was "cashew" which felt like it had a green undertone), so I went with ivory even though I've tried to eradicate white from my house. It seemed the least offensive with the walnut color wood. I really wanted to get away from leather too, but at least the "bonded leather" is recycled from scraps, so there's that. My little guy loooooves to destroy my leather furniture, so I've been trying to replace things with things he can't annihilate. Want chair now.

Sorry I've been so lax about posting pics. These are mostly front the Koloa Cemetery, including the horses I met there (I love how the one guy has a piece of grass in his mouth, chewing thoughtfully, like, "Ayuh, ayuh. But ya cahn't get theah from heah..."

This is a cattle egret, one of the ubiquitous birds in Kauai.

These are from the Russian Fort, which is a park appropriately named after a... Russian fort. Who knew there were Russians in Kauai? They must have felt they'd died and gone to heaven. There's almost nothing remaining of it except a few bumps where buildings were, so it's kind of desolate.

Man, I could not get a decent picture of this rainbow over the villa.

The rest of these are all from the cemetery. If you like cemetery pics, I'll be posting some more on the Mourning Souls community, and at my Flickr page (link coming) soonish. There are a TON of them.

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Jun. 19th, 2012 06:20 pm (UTC)
Since I will never make it to Hawaii I will just be content to live vicariously through other people's pictures...
Jun. 20th, 2012 03:04 am (UTC)
Nifty pics and gorgeous horses!!! One of these days I'll get to the Hawaiian Islands. (dreams, sighs)

That chair does look very comfy. Hopefully you don't have to get rid of your sectional. :( But I've seen mini versions of sectionals that are love-seat sized.
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