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Whirly bird

Today is my last full day in Kauai -- ::cries:: I really really do not want to go. The ONLY thing good about leaving here is that I'm a few days closer to being reunited with my babies, but man, it's hard. This morning I went on a helicopter tour, and at the office, they had a little dog named Oscar, whose last name is Meyer (not a dachshund!). Poor thing didn't know what hit him when I came after him. This was after I met a ginger kitty at a different tour operator's place -- I could NOT find my place at all, and I was horribly late driving around and getting more and more lost, and panicking because I thought I would miss my tour. Then the skies opened up and we had the most torrential rain I've seen in decades, just amAHzing, as Penny would say on Happy Endings. So I finally stopped at the other tour operator and asked for information, and they were so nice. I also petted the kitty and despite being completely soaked (I looked like I'd jumped out of a swimming pool), that made me feel better.

I can't even find words for the tour. It's just...well, if you've ever seen the Jurassic Park movies, you've seen some of the scenery we looked at, and to see it in real 3-D is like nothing I've ever experienced. Only 20 percent of Kauai is accessible on foot or by car, so there are places you can really only see from the air -- and my god, they are breathtaking. Also, riding in a helicopter? I totally understand why rich people have their own choppers and pilots. It was better than any rollercoaster in any universe. I LOVED IT. I will inflict not just pics of all this stuff on everyone, but probably also copy parts of the DVD and put them up on YouTube or something.

Yesterday I figured I'd have a quiet day and just go to the beach and hang out here. Unfortunately I did the same thing I did the other day, just kept driving because I missed where I was trying to go (I was looking for a cemetery I couldn't find), so I stopped eventually at a place called Salt Pond Park and waded for a while. The sand here is very different from what I'm used to, even on Oahu: it's incredibly soft and shifty, so you sink into your ankles with each step, sometimes up to your calves. I think if you went walking or running on these beaches every day, you would have the most amazing legs and ass. Before I reached that, I stumbled onto this really weird, cool tiny cemetery next to the formal Hawaii Veterans Cemetery, which judging from the names made me realize it was a Filippino cemetery. So at least I got that.

Then I headed back to Poipu beach and spent a long time looking at tidepools in the volcanic rocks. It was really incredible, all these baby fish and bigger fish and crabs and stuff, in those volcanic black rocks. Afterward I came back to the room and went swimming in the super cold waterfall pool, then laid around and read magazines in the warm afternoon.

Getting up so early for the helicopter tour was tough--my natural tendency is to be a night owl anyway, but here it's just hard not to be. The air is soft and breezy and warm even late at night, and the scent of the flowers is more intense. I just want to sit out on the balcony and surf the web or read or what have you and not go to bed.

After the tour today, I thought I might drive north for a while and see how far I could get. I saw a sign at one point for a lighthouse, so I turned off, and found out I was at the edge of the wildlife preserve, which I'd wanted to go to but had thought I wouldn't have time. I took some pics of the red-footed boobies nesting in the trees at the viewpoint, then drove on into the preserve, paid my $5, and climbed up to the lighthouse, which is at the end point of the path for visitors. I saw an albatross, more boobies, and some other pelagic birds that are found there, one of which moans and groans while it's hiding in its little holes in the sand, so you never see it but you can hear it -- it's freaking hilarious, and sounds like cats getting ready to fight.

That was a very, very fine day. But I'm tired and sunburned (there's really just no way to avoid it, no matter how much sunscreen I put on, I will burn if I'm out more than a half hour), and now I have to repack tonight so I can sleep a little later in the morning before heading to the airport to return to Honolulu and then on to Lanai.

But not before I have a soak in the Jacuzzi and lobster pot pie for dinner!


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May. 12th, 2012 05:10 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed the helicopter. I took a 30 minute helicopter ride over part of central Australia in 2010 and was counting down the whole time until we got back on the ground, and hoping I wasn't going to embarrass myself in front of the other people by begging to go back early! The wildlife preserve (which made me laugh — here a preserve is a jam) is more my style.
May. 12th, 2012 06:03 am (UTC)
Wow! What a great adventure!
May. 12th, 2012 06:07 am (UTC)
OMG! I sooo want to see your dvd of the heli tour!
When we lived in Hawaii I wanted to do the heli tour of the Big Island (volcanoes!!) more that anything, but kept getting voted down by the rest of the family -- too expensive, too scary, etc. *sigh*
I've never been to Kauai -- heard it's pretty -- and your vac sound like it was just what was needed. Really, really awesome! I'm glad you had the opportunity -- and will share pictures!
Have a safe and pleasant journey back, aloha!
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