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God, I've been like the worst DWer/LJer lately. I've been catching up on all the life I've lost the past few months, well, the past year really. I have many things to post about, but I keep finding excuses not to. Plus many of my shows are back, and I have ALL the feelings about so much of it.

But in the meantime... I really want to urge you all, female and male and neutral, to read this article from Discover magazine on the science of the Komen issue and how even worse than the recent defunding issue is their crap science that is possibly killing women. It explains, in understandable language, what most people don't know about this disease and the issues surrounding it. I used to talk about these things with Snady, and it still makes me boil with rage that the things we've learned aren't more common knowledge, that we have to dig for this information because the messages that *are* getting out there are so very wrong.

Seriously. Please read it. Spread it around, even.

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Feb. 15th, 2012 04:54 pm (UTC)
Very interesting article — thanks for the link.
Feb. 18th, 2012 12:48 am (UTC)
Thanks - I'm going to share this with my boss. She's a radiology researcher who specializes in breast cancer. Her current research projects are in the area of improving diagnosis techniques. It's funny, but we really never talk about her work or the political scene as I'm just her personal administrative assistant back at the office (not the Hospital), and either she is never around to talk to, or what she has to say is completely over my head. But it interests me to know how she feels about all this. While there are others in my department working on improving the actual equipment/scanners that detect cancers, she is focusing on the infomatics/finding ways to use collected data to identify outcomes. At least I think that's what she is doing...? Anyway, for all I admire about her, I do find her to be fairly Ivory Tower bound and I seriously doubt she thinks much about the Komen issue(s), or the plight of the average Jane, at all. It would be interesting to know and it's another "gap" in the system that would bear some looking at... Restoring the burnt bridge between the researchers (doing the solid work of improving the tools) and the PR/front-line people who are destroying/mishandling the public's trust. When the two have to meet, it would be nice if it weren't clouded by mistrust and power-plays.
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