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My Festivid

This year I made a vid for The Wire, for anoel, which was a pretty awesome assignment: someone I know and really like makes it a whole lot easier to work on a vid! I have had this piece in mind for a long time for The Wire, and it spoke to me as an Omar vid in a lot of ways. For years, I've avoided making any Wire vids, I've been daunted by trying to tell any of those stories because the show is just so damn good and so complex that vidding feels like a huge challenge. But Festivids felt like a good time to try to do it. A million thanks to killabeez and sdwolfpup for their encouragement and tossing around the topic with me; their own Wire vids were hugely inspirational to me in making this.

I think the streaming version of this really looks bad, but I'll put it up here anyways. The DL is a lot better.

Soul Survivor
Artist: Young Jeezy with Akon
Fandom: The Wire
File: 32MB Divx avi
Streaming: http://www.viddler.com/v/576e71c4

And my lovely gifts were made by Zhailei and Killabeez! You should totally go check them out -- the supercool Middleman vid is awesome, and I didn't know the vidder before, so yay, new vidding pals!! It's cool to see people being enchanted by Killa's wonderful vid for Catch & Release, too -- more people to check out this lovely movie of my heart!

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Feb. 15th, 2012 10:12 pm (UTC)
I just wanted to thank you again so much for making this for me!! I was so psyched to get a Wire vid, I can't even say not to mention an OMAR vid. I completely understand The Wire intimidation but you definitely lived up to the show and did it justice. I love it so much!! *goes to watch again*
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