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I always love the dates that are palindromes, and it's especially nice that it's Veteran's/Armistice Day. I wish my dad wasn't in such a state; I would have loved to take him to the special dinner at the VFW.

I am exhausted this morning. I took my new foster dog, Tilda, to the vet yesterday because she was supposed to have surgery for luxating patellas, but she has kennel cough, so they won't do it on her for at least a month. They gave me a shit ton of medication for her, and she also has tapeworms, so I had to give her that, on top of the other stuff and the eye drops she came with. I don't know what happened last night -- if the meds in combination did it, if one of them has this side effect, or what, but she was a nightmare and would not stop making noise and banging on her crate and whining and just generally being obnoxious. She's been really good all week about sleeping in her crate (so the kitties can move around and get used to her without being afraid), she likes to go in it, but she wouldn't stop till after 3, and then started up around 8. She may still have been whining all night, but I think I passed out from sheer exhaustion (I was at the vet -- I hate this place, but it's where the rescue group goes --for more than two and a half hours). And now, of course, she's sleeping soundly, whereas I have to work because I have two concurrent jobs going on.

I have to say, there's nothing in this world quite as gross as tapeworm in dog crap. I already hate picking up dog poo anyway, but then that... I don't know why the deworming didn't take, but it didn't, so I'm the lucky foster mom who gets to deal with it. Kennel cough is pretty bad, too -- they immediately started wiping everything and mopping everything with disinfectant, and now I feel bad because she's met a lot of dogs on our walks, and I pray she hasn't passed it on -- it's very contagious. She came to me with the undignified and demeaning name Toadette, and I said, no way, and immediately remonikered her. She answers to it just fine. And I make her sound like she's terrible, but she's actually quite lovely and completely ridiculous in the way only pugs can be. I have always loved pugs, and she's very much a pug in every possible way. There have already been quite a few applications for her, so I might be handing her off as early as tomorrow, which means I won't have had her for a full week -- this has been the case lately for all my dogs. It's rewarding, but the cats never have time to fully adjust to them, which makes it pretty stressful for them.

I have been consistently disappointed with almost everything new on TV this season, so I'm backtracking and watching other things from previous years, and also British TV that I don't enjoy watching on BBC America because of how they cut things up and how it's ugly since they don't carry it in HD on DirecTV. I'm honestly not even enjoying a lot of my other series from before -- I keep watching the Walking Dead, but it drives me insane and is so frustrating, Chuck is kinda boring so far, Dexter is so-so, I haven't watched Flashpoint on Ion because we also don't have that in HD and it's too gorgeous looking of a show to watch that way... I'm not feeling either the Once Upon a Time love everyone else is, nor Grimm, though I'll probably keep watching those just to see what happens. The only show I've had any fun with was Revenge, but I keep missing it (missed this week's and I don't know if I want to keep watching if my beloved Max Martini is gone), and Homeland -- which is arguably the best new show this year. But it feels like it's in such a different class as any of the other TV out there. Every episode leaves me on the edge of my seat and wondering what they can do next. I have no idea how they can draw this out and how they could carry it beyond one season, but I will wait and see, because it really is amazing TV.

Lessee, what else is going on... not much other than working a lot and medical appointments and taking care of Dad. Oh! [personal profile] black_bird_777 and I are going to be in Portland on the 27th/28th for my annual birthday avoidance excursion. We're staying at the Inn at Northrup Station. Any Portlandians in town on that Sunday evening who might want to meet up for dinner, or possibly lunch next day? Or any ideas for a nice dinner place that would be easy to get to from that location? I haven't been to Portland as often the past few years as I used to go (once a month, at one point), outside of one quick trip two years ago. I'd love some recs!


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Nov. 11th, 2011 09:32 pm (UTC)
Dogs are a lot of work. I think that's why I never owned one. But he is a cutie...

I'm not thrilled with much on TV either. I'm doing a lot of NetFlix DVDs lately and I'm catching up on lots of older shows I never saw first time around.

How did I never watch Psych before???
Nov. 11th, 2011 09:36 pm (UTC)
Ridonkulous adorable puppy!

Husband and I have made a couple of Portland runs lately, to sell books at Powell's. We've only been there for lunches, but Grüner, Wildwood, and Meriwether’s (especially) were all excellent. I keep hearing great things about Laurelhurst Market, too, and that would definitely be my choice if we get down there for dinner.
Nov. 14th, 2011 07:18 am (UTC)
Oh thanks for the suggestions... I'll look into those and mention them to Tina.

We should have a --sob!!! -- memorial lunch at Le Pichet before you -- wah! -- leave.
Nov. 14th, 2011 08:13 pm (UTC)
Yes! Heading out tomorrow to go homehunting (HOLY SHIT WHAT) but will be in touch when we get back.

You'll be at Escapade, yes? I definitely will fly back for that.
Nov. 11th, 2011 10:43 pm (UTC)
OMG she is SO CUTE! I'm sorry she's sick, for both of your sakes (kennel cough is no fun--Merc had it once and it was gross and I felt so bad for him, too; dog coughs are just so AGAINST NATURE, aww), but I'm glad she's got you to take care of her.

Nov. 14th, 2011 07:20 am (UTC)
Aw poor Merc! I can imagine in a big dog like that it would be even worse with that huge racking cough they have. There's nothing you can do for them and they get this look like WTF?

She's sooooo cute and most of the time really well behaved. I really love her, and I was sad that she didn't get adopted this weekend after all, but kinda secretly glad to keep her for at least a few more days.
Nov. 16th, 2011 09:03 pm (UTC)

Awww, she is adorable! Good on you for renaming her after my favorite actress, nobody deserves to be named Toadette! Poor girl, hope she's feeling (and sleeping) better by now.

Kennel cough is no fun. We always make sure Calvin has his bordello shot (as my husband calls it) up to date.

Pugs really are sweet, funny dogs! And they only LOOK small. They are bigger on the inside!

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