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Walking the dog

This is why I love my neighborhood: This garage is on the alley next block over.

And a couple blocks up, we have the Psychic Barber, which sdwolfpup featured on her Tumblr page recently. (The story is that there was a psychic shop next door to the barber, and both had their neon signs done by the same guy. When the psychic went out of biz, the barber bought her sign and added it to his.)


On the other hand, some bad things happen walking the dog: Bodie bit a young girl last night when she ran over to try to pet him. And then today bit both the facilities guy at my dad's place, and the head of nursing. He was fine with the nurse's aid. I think he's scared when people bend over to pet him on the head, or sees it as a threat. So far he hasn't broken skin, but... it's pretty upsetting. I was horrified about the girl. I think he was in a bad mental state, overexcited because the family's chihuahua was barking maniacally at him.

The parents were OK with it and not angry at me, and said it was a lesson for her not to reach out to pet unknown dogs, but I kinda thought, um, well, there are better ways to teach that than having a crazy wall-eyed dog go "rawrrawrsnarl" and bite you. It's making me feel dismayed about him finding a home. The pooping issues as well. He can be really cute, but also pretty awful.

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Oct. 1st, 2011 03:38 am (UTC)
I like barbers who already know what haircut I want before I even tell them. ;)

Regarding the dog...I hope that biting gets fixed. A neighborhood dog that used to be so good as a puppy is getting all nervous now that he's half grown. I'm worried he'll be a biter.
Oct. 5th, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
The rescue lady took him yesterday to a new foster, a woman who has experience dealing with bad Boston behavior. He really is the sweetest, quietest, most stoic little guy outside of that biting thing, and even then he doesn't seem to actually use teeth, so I hope he can get the help he needs and become someone's wonderful family dog. A part of me would like to bring him home for good but I'm not sure if I'm contributing to his instability because of my high stress level.
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