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Life is definitely giving me the blues lately. First world problems, but they are really getting me down.

The last few times I've visited my dad, he's been really weird, not really very present, and I have to practically yell at him to get him to focus enough to get things across to him. He sits all hunched over in his power chair, or he is on the bed, perilously close to the edge. A few weeks ago, they had him move back into the nursing center for 14 days, while they observed him to see if they could figure out what was causing his falling problems and confusion. I think, to be honest, he's just... kind of checking out, body and brain, but it's hard to tell for sure. Now I have to go to the doc's tomorrow with him, because his legs are swollen and he's not feeling good, so they're concerned for his kidneys. Each way, the trip costs $100 if they can't get the transport from the place he lives and we have to call the Tri-Med folks.

I'm behind on work, and I'm desperately overscheduled. At one point, if I can't catch up with the book I'm on now, I will have three books -- two proofreads and one copyedit of a huge travel guide -- as well as preparing for the webinar I'm supposed to do in Nov. and the stories for the magazine I do a lot of work for. Gah.

And of course, there's a shit-ton of stuff to do that takes me away from work. Part of the problem is that I lost the past two days trying to get this #$%$%^*!@#*&@#$ Nook Color to work. I bought this thing from a guy on Craigslist and when I met up with him, I saw it in action and tested it out and it worked fine. Got it home, and started setting everything up, poking around at everything, and enjoying it, and then it disconnected with a MAC error. Mr. Killabeez explained to me what that was, and I contacted tech support at my ISP, and we spent the better part of yesterday working on it.

It seems that after I turn my router off, it will work, and then drop within about 20 minutes max. I took it to the B&N store near me yesterday on my way home from dad's, and they couldn't get it connect at all, so they did a factory reset for me. It worked! The books I'd tried to DL finally came through, I picked up a couple magazines and apps, and for about 5 hours last night everything was hunky dory and I thought it was finally fixed. But of course it dropped, and today I tried to use my neighbor's network, but we couldn't get it to connect at all. I'm just kind of at the end of my rope.

The B&N customer service people said that even though it's second-hand, I could still get a new one and that they have an open ticket on it, but I'm not sure if that means I'll lose my books and stuff I DLed. I'm just depressed. I want things to work. If I could have afforded an iPad, I would have gotten that, because at least I know that would work. I've seen all kinds of stuff all over the support boards, and one person even said that my router manufacturer said that Nook Colors wouldn't work on it and we were pretty much SOL, but that was in January and you'd like to think these morons would fix it by now. My ISP on the other hand said his daughter has a Nook and a Kindle and they've had no troubles with the same router. I just don't even know what to believe anymore -- nothing helps: SSID, security settings, whatever. The only time I can connect is if I turn off the router and the Nook, and then turn them both on, but it doesn't last.

When it was working it seemed like a pretty nice device, and would defintely help me at these endless doctor appts. with Dad. But I don't know if being able to borrow library books or lend books to others or play angry fucking birds is worth this headache. I even bought a cute cover but I don't want to put it on!

So now I'm behind on work, frustrated to the point of tears, have a headache, and am depressed and worn down about Dad. Yay? Sunday is the memorial for Snady, too, and that is just making my heart ache so badly. So far, it's been really easy to be in denial -- to just think, she's unable to make it to get-togethers, she couldn't come to the con, just kind of act like it's temporary. I think the memorial will be when it really hits me that it's irrevocable. Do not want.

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Sep. 15th, 2011 11:53 pm (UTC)
Re: the Nook: anything you bought from B&N (books, apps, etc.) should still be available for you to re-download even if you get a new one--once you've bought something, you can put it on as many devices as you like. (I will admit that I haven't tried this with apps, but I know it's true with books. And B&N's site says that you can archive apps to your "digital locker," which is managed via the web, so I assume you could easily transfer them to a new device as long as it's connected to your account.) And anything that you side-loaded (using the cable) should be able to be dragged off your Nook and onto a laptop or whatever for backup. So that might be worth a shot?

I'm sorry things are so sucky right now. *hugs*
Sep. 16th, 2011 01:09 am (UTC)

Once you solve your connection problem you'll love it. My girlfriend bought on and even though, in her words, she's technically-challenged, she loves it. And since she doesn't have a router I just set up the MacBook to share the internet and it piggybacks onto that.

Sorry to hear everything is piling up at the same time. It gets so you don't have a chance to catch your breath. Hope they get your dad straightened out soon...

Sep. 16th, 2011 11:24 am (UTC)
Sep. 16th, 2011 05:18 pm (UTC)
::hugs:: I'm sorry things are being frustrating. I'm also sorry I can't make it to the memorial service. This trip to Eugene is being kind of a nightmare, too--I freaked out last night and told Sonia we were moving to a hotel in the morning, and dad's not even HERE yet.
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