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Well, frak

I'm getting my backyard landscaped and having some of the things that got trashed during the kitchen remodel/addition construction fixed, and I was talking with arborist guy who runs the business today and he looked over at my beloved, prize golden chain tree in full bloom, abuzz with happy pollen-laden bumblebees, and said, "oh, that's bad -- that's got a big fungus on it." Then he went over and chipped off some bark and said "It's riddled with disease... yeah, see that, all the bugs?" as these bugs came crawling out and these holes opened up in it. So now I have to think about whether I replace it now while they're here, or wait four or five years for it to die and possibly fall on my garage. I think I know the answer, but I HATE cutting down trees, and it was the first thing I ever planted by myself and I was so, so proud of it. I don't even like yellow, but it's so gorgeous when it's in full bloom.

And then I come in and find out that Brutus is having a rough time of it with his new family. So there's a possibility he could be coming back to me, and I think that would just make him miserable to keep getting bounced around. Poor, sweet little guy.

Tonight I have to go to a cocktail party book launch. Which I really don't want to go to -- I hate schmoozing, and since I have to go alone, that means I won't have anyone to talk to and I'll be standing around with a drink in my hand looking stupid all alone. But the author wants to give me a special acknowledgement, so I kind of have to go.

I haven't loaded my pics in yet, but at some point I'll start picspamming y'all with the progress, as I did with the garage and the addition. The weather's been so terrible that it's like a big mud pit out there once you get all the weeds and knee high grass pulled out. I'm concerned about my plants just sitting out there, roots exposed, in the middle of their bloom cycle, but they say they'll be fine. It's hard for me to believe. But I'm going to have a nice little full deck in the empty back corner of my lot, a stone patio on the other side of the house, and a new fence to replace my rotten, falling-down one. And I'm getting a water feature, which isn't something I really wanted but I'm easily talked into things when someone shows me a picture and I go "oooo, shiny." The nicest thing is actually going to be the least attractive, though -- my backyard is huge, but the only outdoor tap on that side is way up on the house, and my back parking area/garage are 75 yards away. So it's never been feasible for me to wash my car back there without doubling up hoses, which always leak, and it's a pain. They're putting in a spigot toward the back entrace, so it will be right there. Now I can actually wash my car without having to worry about someone parking in front of my house and taking up the only space I could wash it before. Yay. I can also put in a rain barrel finally, because I'll have a flat spot to set one on.

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Jun. 3rd, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
I would strongly recommend getting a second opinion. There aren't any "fungus bugs" -- there are some bugs, like aphids, that will create conditions that encourage the growth of fungus, but they are also usually treatable. Ask him for the scientific name of what he believes it is suffering, and do some research before condemning the tree, given it has some importance to you and also is an excellent feeder of our much beleaguered bees.
(Deleted comment)
Jun. 3rd, 2011 03:21 am (UTC)
I replied to tavella above; that was a typo and LJ didn't take it when I fixed it on the original post. It's supposed to be big fungus.
Jun. 3rd, 2011 03:20 am (UTC)
FOr some reason, when I fixed the typo, LJ didn't take it -- that was a typo. I know there's no such thing as a bug fungus -- it was supposed to be big fungus, and it's been there, growing, for a really long time at the base (I thought was cool-looking, but he said no, it's not a good sign). It makes it susceptible to the bugs, which are not good bugs, unfortunately. He's a certified arborist and very experienced and known in his field, and he pointed out to me why it wasn't a good stock in the first place, and what went wrong with it. He will find me a good replacement, but it will be small and take years to get to the size this one is now.

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