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Guess the story, win a story!

In the interest in doing something lighter, and since I haven't had time to work on anything else except... well, work, in trying to fit everything around my dad, so I can't do a recs post yet, let's play guess my story! If you can guess which Yuletide fic I wrote before the reveal, I will write you a story.

1) I have vidded in the fandom.
2) The story has been recced in the Yuletide LJ comm.
3) But on the flipside, the fandom has been mentioned in only a couple recs posts on the comm, even though it had a fair number of stories.

Offer void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Contest open to valid residents of the Known Universe, Milky Way Galaxy, and Planet Earth only. The following people are not eligible for story offer: beta readers of fic, potential beta readers to whom contents were disclosed, and anyone at the holiday parties who heard author disclose which fandom she was writing after having too much to drink. Deadline for entry is before the reveal goes live and don't try to convince us your date-stamped comment was actually before the reveal happened. Winner will be chosen by a select committee of Me, and all decisions are final, unless someone bribes Me with a lifetime supply of Mo's Milk Chocolate Bacon Bars. Value of prize: one grand prize of questionable writing skills in the fandom of your choice.

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