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Dear Yuletidey Person

I won't bore you with a lot of detail about the fandoms because I doubt you will need it -- I've given most of my fandom info in my optional details (which are optional!) and because I'd like you to have some fun with what you write. On the other hand, if it's all too vague and you need a specific prompt, you can definitely have others ask for more -- I can't promise anything specific, but I'll try. Mostly I would like for you to be happy and not "why did I volunteer for this!?" -- if you're happy with what you write, I bet I will be, too.

The main thing I always say is that I value good writing -- I read a lot of bad writing in my work, and so attention to detail in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style really mean a lot to me, probably more than to most people. I care about language, so stories with careful writing and stylistic flourishes are very much my cup o' tea. I'm also a huge fan of plot, and anything with a good storyline that's more than just two guys in a room talking will likely make me very, very happy. World-building and setting and authorial exposition are wonderful things.

But I'm also a huge fan of snappy dialog and true-to-the-characters voices. And character studies are great, too. I'm always a sucker for second-chance type stories, or what I call "winter of our lives" kinds of stories where characters find each other again after a long time away. I'm happy with slash, or not slash, for any of the fandoms I listed, including Justified, where I picked only Raylan as my character wanted, because I'm happy to see Raylan interacting with pretty much anyone (although, I confess, I'd rather not have him interacting much with the lesser Crowders or with Arlo, at least in a Yuletide story). Justified is pretty much a big blinking neon sign going "Raylan Raylan Raylan" all night long. For me, it's almost always about the love -- friendship, romantic love, familial love... all those things are hugely compelling to me. I can see any of those subjects being applicable for all the fandoms I requested, especially Band of Brothers for Nixon and Winters, Flashpoint for Ed and Greg, and MDs for Bruce and Robert (although since I'm the only person who requested and offered MDs, that's kind of moot).

What I don't like: Any two guys (or people), especially in dialog where anyone could be saying any of the lines; bdsm; AUs of the type where someone is a sock or a mushroom or an elf, however, what-if redirection AUs are cool; anything to do with babies and/or kids, especially turning the characters into kids; sexual violence unless it's really crucial to the story or mental development of a character; misogyny or writing female characters out by making them bitches or shrews; man-children.

I'm not afraid of or turned away by violence, the grisly or gruesome, pr0n, war/military stuff, death, sadness, or grief. I've had a lot of the last three in my life lately, and while that might seem to some a kind of topic I'd want to get away from, I actually love it when someone can make me cry. Although if you can make me laugh, I'm your slave for life.

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